September 17, 2021

THE DELTA DIFFERENCE: Why Aotearoa’s Performing Arts and Events need support now – and what you can do

By James Wenley
TheatreScenes: Scene by James. September 15, 2021

James Wenley explains why targeted support for Aotearoa’s performing arts and events sector is urgently needed to help see us through the Delta outbreak.

We know that Delta is different.

And so is the impact of Delta on Aotearoa’s performing arts and live events sector this year.

Despite the move to level 2 outside of Auckland, our performing arts sector largely remains mothballed nationwide. In a case of déjà vu, artists and crew are once again staring down months more of lost work. But this time, there has been no targeted relief for the arts and events.

The Government recognises Delta is different through the increased stringency of its public health measures. Masking. Scanning. Fewer people able to gather in Delta alert level 2.

So why hasn’t the Delta difference been recognised in the Government’s support of the performing arts during this lockdown? [More

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