September 21, 2022

Ahurei Mōwaho o Tāmaki Makaurau  
Auckland Fringe  


The annual Auckland Fringe festival 2022 is thrilled to announce the winners of the Auckland Fringe Awards. The awards held at The Factory in Onehunga (Part of Kete Aronui) closed the festival with a celebration of the three-week fest, which saw a dazzling programme of over 70 shows and performances across Tāmaki Makaurau.

After an exciting three weeks, audiences across the city were lucky enough to experience a collection of art exhibitions, theatre, interactive performances, comedy, cabaret that pushes the boundaries, and everything else inbetween of weird and wacky wonderful fun. 

The winners of this year’s Fringe Awards are…

Outstanding Newcomer:

  • Individual: Kura Turuwhenua for Shoes Off (at the door),
  • Collective: How Inconvenient

Production Element Awards:

  • Outstanding Sound Design: Raw! ASMR 
  • Outstanding Costume: Nuworks Theatre (Belfast, Suffragettes, Romeo & Julia In Belfast)
  • Outstanding Production Design: Kill Puppet Bill

Outstanding Performance (Individual):

  • Dance: Hayley Walters-Tekahika (How Inconvenient)
  • Music: Cara Wei (The Moon and the Tides)
  • Theatre: Tatiana Hotere (Skin Hunger)
  • Comedy: Courtney Dawson (Shoes Off (at the door))
  • Writer: Tatiana Hotere (Skin Hunger)

Outstanding (Overall):

  • Comedy: Shoes Off (at the door)
  • Contemporary Performance/Live Art: Unearthing Frequencies – Stone Stories
  • Dance: Vivid Dreaming
  • Music: Strange Ancestors
  • Performance Poetry: Hysterical
  • Theatre: Highrise
  • Visual Arts: Missing
  • Directed: My Grandfather Is A Canoe
  • Director: Romy Hooper

Auckland Fringe Community Awards:

  • Intergenerational Award: Nuworks Theatre (Belfast, Suffragettes, Romeo & Julia In Belfast)
  • Auckland Fringe Hero: Penny Ashton
  • Spirit Of The Fringe: My Grandfather Is A Canoe
  • Ensemble: Moon And The Tides

Pannz Auckland Fringe Awards:

  • Pitching: Skin Hunger
  • Attending (X4):
    Hine Downtown
    Birdman And The Egg
    Grief, Race, Sex
    Rich People Cry Too

Overall Awards:

  • Unf**K The World: Shoes Off (At The Door)
  • Organised Chaos:
    The Trojan War
    Gay Death Stocktake
  • Best Off Broadway Site: Unearthing Frequencies
  • Auckland Arts Festival Fringe Award: The Trojan War
  • Auckland Live Free Your Mind Award: My Grandfather Is A Canoe
  • Basement Theatre Disruptor Award: Directors Renee Wiki & Malama Peteru
  • ‘where The Asians At?’ Auckland Fringe Award: Gay Death Stocktake
  • ‘where The Asians At?’ Most Promising Show: Writing Home
  • CNZ Pacific Artist Excellence Award: My Grandfather Is A Canoe
  • Whangārei Fringe Tour Award: To Be Frank
  • Dunedin Fringe Tour Ready Award: ,媽媽 (Love, Mum)
  • NZ Fringe Tour Ready Award: Access

 Honourable Mentions:

  • Shoes Off (At The Door) – Aunty Lianne
  • Community – Emma Barret
  • The John Show – John Goudge
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