November 5, 2022


Changing the story on arts, culture and creativity in Aotearoa; a guide for arts advocates about how to build support for a future where artists and creativity thrive, so all New Zealanders flourish. 


The guide is for people already advocating for the arts, or anyone who wants to play a role in creating an Aotearoa where arts, culture and creativity thrive.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s arts, cultural and creative sectors continue to face complex and significant challenges. A flourishing future for our arts sector will require a collective approach to advocating for the changes that will make the biggest difference.

The guide offers advice on how to build effective public narratives that:

  1. celebrate and support the role arts, culture and creativity play in our lives
  2. communicate what changes our sector and communities need to flourish.

The guide was researched and written by narrative strategists The Workshop with stewardship from sector advisory group Te Rōpū Mana Toi and input from a range of sector voices. [More]  

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