February 7, 2023


7 Feb 2023

A major announcement has just been made that will have a big impact on CNZ’s ability to fund creatives and events. Find out what is going where and where the money is coming from.

It was perhaps the leading catch-cry of the sector in 2022 – Creative New Zealand (CNZ) doesn’t have enough money to support those who need it.

One of the first big funding announcements of 2023 has taken that directly onboard – with CNZ getting a $22 million cash injection intended to go straight into the pockets of creative organisations and individuals.

Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) has today announced that $12m will help meet increased funding pressure being experienced by CNZ. While the details of how the extra money will be distributed are yet to be confirmed, CNZ has underlined it will go toward additional support for artists, arts practitioners and arts organisations, including to top-up upcoming Arts Grants rounds.

A further $10m is going to support established arts, cultural and diversity festivals.

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