March 20, 2023

Want to know what the parties actually think about the state of arts and culture in Aotearoa right now? The Big Idea approached all in parliament to state their case in an election year.

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The Big Idea Editor

Mar 17, 2023

Earlier this week, The Big Idea published an open letter from a group of experienced and respected creatives and academics who are determined to ensure Arts and Culture doesn’t get left off the table in this year’s election build up.

Judy Darragh, Sir Roger Hall, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Eve de Castro-Robinson, John Daly-Peoples, Professor Peter O’Connor and Roger Horrocks all put their names to it and stated “During the last election, our political parties paid almost no attention to arts policy. It is a topic that tends to arouse worthy sentiments but few realistic plans.  For this election, we should demand that parties offer practical proposals.” So The Big Idea reached out to all the political parties that currently make up parliament to offer them a chance to reply about their Arts and Culture priorities for election year.  [More]  

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