May 19, 2023

Comments on review of “Maria Williams – ADHD – The Musical” Grounded in a fervid, colourful and cartoonish vibe strongly reminiscent of after school TV and a vertiginous and cringey nostalgia – “Kia ora Cordy and theatreview! thank you for coming for the show! I must admit I am slightly confused by this review and couldn’t help the ADHD urge to comment (As usual lol). It was great to see the reviewer in the front row actively engaging with and visably enjoying the show!! However, this review doesn’t give any indication – to me at least – of whether or not the reviewer, or audience enjoyed the show. Or really what they think about it at all. That is a real shame! for both me and the people reading the review. Saying there were ‘several’ points you thought you’d have to call an ambulance is an exaggeration!! Yes, last night I accidentally clotheslined myself at the end of the show! That was a genuine hazard hahaha! However, that aside, normally, there is no real hazard or danger in the show. I wanted to clarify because my mum might read this (hi Mum). Also mention the implication that I’m an unsafe performer for myself or others! I don’t know why my tales I tell in the show are ‘peculiar’ as they’re just my life experience lol Also, I am not sure what ‘Beginner’s Mind’ is that is mentioned? Thank you for coming.” and other comments.

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