June 18, 2023

Comment on review of “Sax Appeal” A funny, surprising, direct and outrageous tonic for a tough week The Pepsi Light version of the Flight of the Conchords indeed (I’m kidding, its Tough Tiger Fist baby)! I had a look at this review from Penny Dodd as I’ve been a loyal fan of the infamous duo for a while. I do admit that it is slightly difficult for me to write this from a non-biased perspective (I went to Ben’s stag-do and we sat next to each other in Law School in Criminal Law because we were loners – I kid, Law school is uh, a fine time?). Tough Tiger Fist is full of millennial angst and is undoubtedly my kind of humour. Self-deprecating, laid back, and explores those deeper thoughts around random societal manners. They’re different – they’re chill, they play instruments and cover a wide range of topics. Heck, what else could you want from a show? Go Matt and Ben!

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