August 15, 2023

Comment on review of “No Freedom Without You” What do market forces have to answer for? The review by John Smythe of the production No Freedom Without You written on 22nd Feb 2008 had some inaccuracies about the musical play. The first scene introduced one of the main characters Mae, and depicted the sweatshop working conditions she, and others around her endured. Rick and Sally characters scene was ended with their duet which was reported by some audience members to be really enjoyable and catchy. There was a live band that accompanied the songs sung throughout the play. Apart from one Salvation Army song revised, the songs were original to the play, lyrics written by Joanne Poole and music by Tania Horton. The stage changes were minimal and did not take equal time to scenes played. The stage was a limited space and used creatively considering most of the crew were amateurs. Joanne Poole consulted Detective Robert Earle, while writing the play, and he complemented her on the realistic portrayal of some of his real life experiences. Four audience members attended performances twice, as they enjoyed the play so much.

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