October 26, 2023

26 Oct 2023

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The numbers aren’t in yet – but they don’t look promising for Creative New Zealand (CNZ) and those who rely on (or hope to draw on) their financial support.

Many in the creative community are sweating on where the incoming government will put their Arts, Culture and Heritage priorities. Despite that unknown factor, CNZ has come on the front foot to spell out what they know about the organisation’s financial forecast.

In a just-released blog designed to keep the situation as transparent as possible, CEO Stephen Wainwright writes “We understand that the current environment is tough for the arts community. Philanthropy, sponsorship and public spending on arts are all feeling the squeeze, as is funding from local government and community funders.”

The main message is while CNZ’s budget through until 30 June 2024 is locked in, they will be operating with a smaller revenue pool – though the total amount isn’t finalised.

“All indications are that there will be less pūtea to support the sector next financial year and beyond than in recent years.” [More]

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