May 31, 2024

Playwrights – you have until Tuesday 4 June to get us your submissions for TE HONO : CONNECTION.

We’re calling for applications from playwrights to undertake an online partnership with a script advisor to develop a new script – at whatever stage it is currently in.

We will select ten playwrights’ projects and match them with a script advisor. We will pay the selected playwrights and script advisors sixteen hours each of online contact time to help towards the process of developing a script. The process will take place over a period of time (up to three months) as negotiated between the playwright and script advisor.

Send an outline of your current or future project with a suggestion of whom you would like to work with, if you know. If selected, we will make the best connection between playwrights and script advisors that we can.

Send submissions to by 4 June 2024. Put fingertips to keyboard today.

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