Bernadette Rae

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Bernadette Rae is the NZ Herald dance reviwer. her reviews in the NZ Herald are linked to those on Theatreview.

Bernadette Rae's reviews


Auckland, Wellington

21/04/2009 - 26/04/2009

"Hypnotic, beautiful performance transforms stage..

"Shared heart, passion, grace, generosity …..

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Gathering Clouds

Auckland, Wellington

05/03/2009 - 28/03/2009

"The Pacific experience..

"Bach goes nicely with Pacific Grace..

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20/03/2009 - 21/03/2009

"Art and beauty in movement..

"Enormously satisfying insight into an entire dance lineage..

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Tutus on Tour

Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin

26/02/2009 - 18/03/2009

"A variety show for the provinces?..

"Contemporary maestros jazz up classics in whirlwind tour..

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Taonga: Dust, Water, Wind

Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin

12/03/2009 - 27/10/2010

"It takes a team to create magnificence..

"Poems inspired by a kuia..

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The White Body


06/03/2009 - 09/03/2009

"Powerful imagery strips away mystery of tyranny..

"Political activism evoked via intense imagery..

Mozart Dances


22/08/2008 - 29/08/2008

"Splendid fusion of dance and music..

"US dancers provide a mesmerising spectacle..

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Romeo & Juliet

Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington

18/07/2008 - 24/08/2008

"Thought-provoking and emotional experience..

"All elements in harmony..

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