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 John C Ross is a retired senior lecturer in English literature ex-Massey University, Palmerston North, and remains an honorary research fellow, writing stuff. Born in Wellington, he caught the theatre-going and amateur acting bug there, mainly while a student at Victoria University.

In 1965 he took a ship to England for one year’s OE, and came back eight years later to the Massey job. In the years in between he acquired a Ph D in English from Birkbeck College, University of London, studying Restoration comedy, and spent about four-and-a-half years as a literature tutor at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, Sidcup, Kent, plus plenty of travelling-around, tramping, and theatre-going.

Since 1974, John has directed or acted in quite a few plays with Massey Drama Society and Manawatu Theatre Society, and helped front-of-house during Centrepoint Theatre’s earlier years. He has written regular theatre reviews for Act Bulletin, the Sunday Times, the Dominion, the Dominion Post, and, now, Theatreview.

John C Ross's reviews


Palmerston North, Wellington

10/07/2010 - 21/12/2014

"Dead Tragic anything but..

"Bound to make you feel better about your own lot in life..

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Up North

Palmerston North

05/06/2010 - 03/07/2010

"Universal and timeless home truths captured en route..

"From strange to surreal to insane to real..

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Four Flat Whites In Italy

Palmerston North

10/04/2010 - 29/05/2010

"Challenging and rewarding acting roles..

Highlights – the blondes & their songs

Palmerston North

13/03/2010 - 27/03/2010

"Good show..


Palmerston North

05/03/2010 - 14/03/2010

"Paranoia and ruthlessness in theatre of war..

Ladies For Hire

Palmerston North

07/11/2009 - 19/12/2009

"The ghost of Christmas present..

"Hits the spot..

Awhi Tapu

Palmerston North

29/08/2009 - 26/09/2009

"Challenging, daring and warmly recommended..

Hits of ’74

Palmerston North

11/07/2009 - 22/08/2009

"Show a home-grown blast from the past..

"A showcase of craziness with style..

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The Raft

Palmerston North

06/06/2009 - 04/07/2009

"Tough but rewarding..

"A beautifully written, produced and presented work of luminous satisfaction..

Faust Chroma

Wellington, Palmerston North

11/02/2009 - 21/02/2009

"Memorable and thought-provoking..


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The Mystery Of Irma Vep

Palmerston North

08/11/2008 - 20/12/2008

"A wild time had by all..


Palmerston North

06/09/2008 - 11/10/2008

"Clever comedy full of sadness..

"One of the great existential plays..

The Gods of Warm Beer

Palmerston North

14/06/2008 - 26/07/2008

"Ripsnorting tragi-satiric epic..

"Warm beer hits just the right spot..

Man of La Mancha

Palmerston North

29/03/2008 - 03/05/2008

"Exhilarating celebration of the imagination..

"“Thank gOD for the best play I’ve seen in years.”..

Happy Coupling

Palmerston North

03/11/2007 - 15/12/2007

"Warmly recommended..

"Arty farce..

Ugly Customers

Palmerston North

18/08/2007 - 22/09/2007

"Quite adequately enjoyable..

"Curmudgeonly rant..

Lullaby Jock: Silent Generations

Palmerston North

07/07/2007 - 04/08/2007

"Loving portrait carried off with flair..

"“All the actors in this one-man show are excellent”..


Whangarei, Auckland, Hastings, Paraparaumu, Wellington, Palmerston North, Christchurch

21/03/2007 - 15/10/2013

"Unforgettable characters, writing and performance..

"Sheer brilliance..

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The One After the Last Goon Show

Palmerston North

19/04/2007 - 21/04/2007

"“It does in a daft fashion work”..

"Hawes' Goon Show 'a marvellous thing'..

The Tutor

Auckland, Palmerston North

15/02/2007 - 14/04/2007

"The characters get under the skin of usual stereotypical perceptions..

"Provocative satire perceptively pillories preoccupations..

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Weighing In

Palmerston North

02/11/2006 - 16/11/2006

"The weigh of all flesh..

"Muted weight loss comedy..

The Underarm

Palmerston North, Wellington

14/09/2006 - 25/11/2006

"Actors keep their eyes on the ball..

"Brothers at the crease..

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