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20/04/2021 - 01/05/2021

"Tells the story of the humanity behind the Covid headlines..

"Holding Leaders to Account..

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01/07/2017 - 29/07/2017

"Timely revival of classic play..

"A must for a great night’s entertainment..

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SAMMY J & RANDY in Ricketts Lane (Aus)

Wellington, Auckland

04/05/2010 - 15/05/2010

"Madcap, ingenious and half the price of Avenue Q..

"Ha ha, that’s a swearing sock..

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JIMEOIN: Something... Smells Funny (Ire / Aust)

Wellington, Auckland

30/04/2010 - 08/05/2010

"The audience loved every minute..

"Word-perfect routine a charming insult..

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It’s Rhys Darby Night

Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland

06/11/2009 - 11/12/2009

"Cleverly conceived, perfectly pitched, hugely satisfying..

"Excruciating Darby brings the house down..

Strike Session with Adam Page


13/07/2009 - 01/08/2009

"Vivacious rhythyms..

"Layers of sound and happiness..

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Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth

02/05/2009 - 16/05/2009

"The laughs keep coming..

"Good story telling..

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Danny Bhoy – On Tour 2009

Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

14/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

"Constant laughs from a lovely man..

"Still some laughs on slippery slope..

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Dylan Moran: What It Is

Wellington, Auckland

08/05/2009 - 10/05/2009

"Moran opens his own black books..

"Moranic humour finds surprising images and metaphors in formulaic subject matter..

Steve Coogan Live

Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

05/05/2009 - 09/05/2009

"Nostalgic trip for Coogan fans..

"Five distinct incarnations..

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Jason Cook: Joy

Wellington, Auckland

05/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

"Cook dishes up joyful evening..

"Speedily seeking joy..

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Janey Godley in Domestic Godley

Wellington, Auckland

05/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

"She has the gift; is a gift..

"Must-see comedian funny, naturally #1..

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Wayne Brady: MAKING S%!T UP (US)

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

02/05/2009 - 05/05/2009

"Talented comic not at his best when serious..

"Sharing his talents; promoting his album..

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Adam Page Solo


18/02/2009 - 01/03/2009

"Coming the raw kumara..

"Very real talent in improvised show..

Strike: Elemental


03/07/2008 - 20/08/2011

"Subtle brilliance, visceral energy..

"A total workout for performers and audience..

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La Bohème

Wellington, Auckland

10/05/2008 - 07/06/2008

"Lean update beautiful, brutal – and a winner..

"Amazing singing wasted on paper-thin plot..

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La Vie


23/02/2008 - 16/03/2008

"Wonderful acts..

"Wildly enjoyable..

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Tap That II: The Reckoning


11/02/2008 - 14/02/2008

"Character development could improve successful formula..

"Revue-styled romp..

The Man, The Pie and The Taxi Guy


05/02/2008 - 10/02/2008

"Wanted: more chances for these talents to shine..

"Madcap soloists a sharp blast..

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18/01/2008 - 17/02/2008

"Balancing acts..

"Cracking good dialogue and actions could have been left to speak for themselves..

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19/01/2008 - 16/02/2008

"The price of paua..

"Action, intrigue, overt physicality with political/ecological message makes for a must-see winner..

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Home Land


13/10/2007 - 10/11/2007

"“The best play I have ever seen”..

"Genuinely moving..

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