Janey Godley in Domestic Godley

San Francisco Bathhouse, 171 Cuba St, Wellington

05/05/2009 - 09/05/2009

The Classic, Auckland

11/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

Scotland’s Female Billy Connolly gets Domesticated!
Janey Godley is back in ‘Domestic Godley’

Scotland’s ‘female Billy Connolly’, Janey Godley needs little introduction after four previous appearances at the NZ International Comedy Festival including a sellout season at The Basement Theatre in 2008.

In 2009 Janey is looking forward to her first season at The Classic, New Zealand’s home of live comedy , and once again, this relentlessly prolific writer, author, journalist, actress and comedienne will be bringing a new show, ‘Domestic Godley’.

In 2008 The Times UK voted Janey # 3 on their Top 10 List of UK comedians. Just the latest in a string of awards and honours that can be seen on her extensive web site www.janeygodley.co.uk where this short extract attempts to capture some of the essence that is Janey:

"Janey was born on 20th January 1961 and brought up in Shettleston, in the East End of Glasgow. Aged 5-13, she was raped and sexually abused by her uncle. Aged 19, she married into a Glasgow gangster family; 27 years later, she remains married to her husband, who has Asperger’s Syndrome – a mild form of autism. Her mother was murdered by a psychopathic boyfriend when Janey was 21. Her mother’s killer, though known, was never prosecuted. For 14 years, Janey and her husband ran a pub in the Calton area of Glasgow’s East End, an extraordinarily violent and drug-ravaged red-light district where even crucifixion was not unknown."

"The most outspoken female stand-up in Britain"  Daily Telegraph UK

"Some of the sharpest-elbowed comedy in the world" – New York Times.

"Fully ensconced as the Godmother of Scottish Comedy… truly inspired… she’s not afraid to say the virtually unsayable." – The Scotsman

Dates:  Tues 5 to Sat 9 May / 7pm
Venue:  San Francisco Bath House, Cuba St.
Bookings:  Ticketek Ph0800Ticketek or online @ www.ticketek.co.nz

Dates:  Mon 11 to Sat 23 May / 7pm
Venue:  The CLASSIC, 321 Queen St
Bookings:  Ticketek Ph0800Ticketek or online @ www.ticketek.co.nz  


1hr, no interval

She has the gift; is a gift

Review by Candice Lewis 12th May 2009

Walking into The Classic, we find Janey Godley doing a bit of ushering. This is setting the tone for the evening; a confident, friendly woman without pretension but bursting with presence.

Godley is not just a comedian. She takes one of the most harrowing things that could happen in anyone’s family and finds a way to laugh through it. She’s a goddamn healer!

This healing alchemy is threaded throughout the show, and we love her for it. She tells us about being from Glasgow and what it means to grow up with a fiercely Catholic mammy who doesn’t do domestic.

Godley claims this (and another fact I won’t include here) is the reason for her absolute lack of domestic flair. I rejoice that there is another woman out there who doesn’t get off on endless stretches of gleaming surface, who finds a certain level of house-keeping utterly pointless.

Godley has the gift; is a gift. I am laughing yet can’t help but process some pain at the same time. This is deep comedy; this is the stuff you come back for again and again.

She’s got balls of steel when required and isn’t above making fun of her husband or throwing around obscenities. She plays deep, but also enjoys a good frolic!

This is the comedienne you want to take home to meet your mum, the one you’d like to cook for, the one you want to hug. Good Godley, am I a groupie? So be it.
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Must-see comedian funny, naturally #1

Review by Simon Sweetman 07th May 2009

Janey Godley (Scotland) is a regular of the Comedy Festival, with this being her third visit in the last five years.

Godley’s anecdotes from her own life are refreshing, particularly when so many female comedians seem determined to outdo the men with foul language and references to genitals; a sort of desperate one-upmanship. Godley of course will go to crass places, but it’s funny – and real.

There’s always been a brutal honesty running through her work (and indeed her life), she’s the epitome of someone you describe as naturally funny; she is not on stage playing a role. This time she focuses on tales of her husband ("the gangster"), finding humour in his Asperger’s Syndrome; describing the blatant honesty he possesses in social situations, telling people their babies are ugly, or their clothes make them look fat.

Godley’s ability to laugh at the madness in her life and to draw from situations that can very much be described by the cliché of the truth being stranger than fiction make her an instant winner, year after year.

I loved her show last year and this year too. And I hope she’ll be back next year.

Both Godly and Jason Cook are must-see shows, and taking place one after the other, at the same venue, it makes for a great night out. The mix of observational humour, reflections and raw storytelling is a common feature.
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Familiar, funny and real

Review by Sally Richards 06th May 2009

Comedy Festival favourite Janey Godley is familiar, warm and funny with an acerbic Glaswegian tongue to match.

This is Godley’s fourth visit to our shores and it is evident in her warmth, familiarity and in her references to local culture. She gleefully observes how ironic it is that our most infamous homeless person is naked.

She has the kiwi humour bone sussed and handles the audience with no nonsense. Whilst she might appear to be the nice wee Scottish cleaning lady, who has accidentally wandered onto the stage, she deals swiftly to those who might try to cross her.

There are topical references to the likes of co-compatriot Susan Boyle and her tufty hair, cat and moustache. Godley compares herself to Boyle but that is where the self-deprecating humour ends.

She is more interested in her unnamed (he’s a gangster called Tom) husband’s foibles. Her affectionate take on the opposite sex is that they are simpletons and good fun to exploit. Women, on the other hand, are a complex Rubik cube of emotions – with all the wee stickers rubbed off.

Godley is an actress, comedienne, author, playwright and journalist. Her autobiography Handstands in the Dark documents a violent upbringing in Glasgow. This autobiographical material is the starting point of many of the stories she tells. Like the ridiculous circumstances of sectarianism where your Mum said your Protestant dog wasn’t to play with the Catholic dog across the street.

The show’s title Domestic Godly refers to Godley’s complete bewilderment at all things domestic or wifely. She blames her mother whose culinary skills extended to serving an Oxo cube as a starter. In her defence, whilst Godley can’t make soup, she does give good head.

The personal stories allow the audience to readily see beyond the comedienne. She delivers some clangers that would normally stop any conversation dead but manages to move on without mockery or maudlin. ‘My mother was murdered.’ "My brother is a heroin addict.’ She jokes but there is sincerity about memory here. She honours her family and sees the funny side.

As Godley finishes her set she announces that she feels as if we have just had a chat. And it does. There is something incredibly familiar, funny and real.
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