100 Things

Yours, 43 Moray Place Dunedin, Dunedin

16/03/2024 - 17/03/2024

Dunedin Fringe Festival 2024

Production Details

Performers/devisors: Izzy Renton, Rebecca Mary Gwendolon, Frankie Browne

3 actors. 90 minutes. 100 things.

100 Things is the craziest new improv comedy show in Tāmaki Makaurau, and it’s coming down to Ōtepoti Dunedin for the first time ever! Presented as part of Dunedin Fringe 2024.

How does it work? In an improv show, the improvisers ask the audience for a few suggestions that will inform how the scene plays out. In 100 Things, the actors will write down — you guessed it — 100 things to incorporate into their show, with a little help from the audience. They have to use all 100 of them, or the show will be deemed a catastrophic failure! If they pull it off, they’ll have set a world record for most ask-fors used in an improv show.

After winning the Late Night Knife Fight improv showdown in Tāmaki Makaurau, this show is travelling all the way to the other end of the motu and making its South Island debut at Ōtepoti/Dunedin Fringe Festival.

Performed by Rebecca Mary Gwendolon (RAW comedy finalist), Izzy Renton (Shortland St) and Frankie Browne (Ugly Shakespeare Company); three improvisor besties who are always hearing what great chemistry they have together, so they decided to really put it to the ultimate test.

Imagine if the TV shows Taskmaster and Whose Line Is It Anyway? had a baby…. it’ll be kind of like that!

“[Mary Gwendolon] and Browne immediately form a natural rapport, as a dynamic double act with excellent comedic timing.” -Theatrescenes

“Gwendolon and Renton…have an excellent rapport..Over the course of the next sixty minutes, comical and wholesome shenanigans ensue, which regularly have the audience raucous with laughter.” – Red Raven

Be a part of history and get a ticket to see the most audience suggestions ever used in an improv show.

(As far as we can tell).

Shows are 7pm Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March at Yours, 43 Moray Place, in Dunedin
Tickets are $18-$23
Bookings can be made here: https://www.dunedinfringe.nz/events/100-things

Producer: Rebecca Mary Gwendolon

Graphic Design: Gareth Blackler

Improv , Theatre , Comedy ,

90 minutes

Aiming for a Guinness world record

Review by Mike Chewie Bennett 17th Mar 2024

I was very pleased to go to this show, for a couple of reasons.

I have many fond memories of the venue in its previous life as the pretty raucous Asian restaurant, and was gratified to see it has metamorphosed into a usefully sized performance space with a very welcoming vibe. Well done to the team at Yours!

Secondly, as a stereotypical “theatre kid” in High School, I lived and breathed improv. In all honesty because of that I haven’t been to an Improv show for many years. It all came rushing back to me though as I immediately recognised the hyper energy needed to get the audience to buy in to a performance very heavy on audience suggestions. it was infectious and immediately disarming.

The stated goal for 100 Things is to set a Guinness world record for most audience suggestions in an improvised narrative show, and even if Guinness doesn’t have the vision the show is going ahead!

Izzy Renton, Frankie Browne and Rebecca Mary Gwendolon build a sprawling, and dare I say it…chaotic narrative in three chunks of audience suggestions of relationships, places, names and more through the show’s 90 minute run time. It’s hard to wrangle, but of course a good portion of the audience’s enjoyment comes from that chaos, with laughs coming from the three players throwing each other under the bus, or salvaging something at the last minute.

I had a great time, and saw a lot of smiles from the audience members as well. If I had one criticism it’s that I felt like 90 minutes was a little long, with energy flagging  a bit towards the end.


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