2010 Auckland theatre wrap

Various Auckland venues, Auckland

01/01/2010 - 31/12/2010

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 A look back at Auckland theatre in 2010 – Comments welcome

Auckland theatre’s best of 2010

Review by Janet McAllister & Paul Simei-Barton 23rd Dec 2010

Auckland theatre punters have been spoiled for choice over the past year. There were heaps of shows (at least 110 professional and semi-professional plays) and overall, they fulfilled two important get-off-the-couch criteria: they were entertaining, and cheap enough to compete with the movies.

But were they art? Unlike last year, I did get one or two small chances to be a bitchy critic this year – but only one or two. It would be nice if experimental, physical and non-narrative-driven pieces were more prominent – but this plea for "more, please" is because the avant-garde-type pieces I did get to see were so good. [More]  


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