Cavern Club, 22 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington

22/02/2024 - 25/02/2024

NZ Fringe Festival 2024

Production Details

Ocean Denham is the producer, writer, performer

A HOT GIRL AND HER SUZUKI SWIFT is a hilarious 60-minute show where Ocean Denham looks inward to determine whether parallel parking should just be illegal—it’s so hard to do.

Ocean believes her basic bitch mentality helps her with life’s bigger issues, more than just her parking skills. You may pity her, you may love her, but you will never want to be a passenger in her car.

Strap in for an unforgettable night of laughter, spectacle and pure entertainment.

The show is a part of the Wellington Fringe Festival,
Cavern Club, 22 Allen Street, Te Aro, Wellington
22nd Feb- 25th Feb 2024
General Admission $15.00
Concession $12.00
Fringe Addict 2024 $12.00
Ticket + 5 $20.00
Ticket + 10 $25.00
Booking details – https://fringe.co.nz/show/a-hot-girl-and-her-suzuki-swift

Performed by Ocean Denham

Theatre , Stand-up comedy , Cabaret , Comedy , Solo ,

60 mins

Genuine delight in the glow of human connection

Review by Maryanne Cathro 23rd Feb 2024

Ocean Denham is indeed a hot girl. It’s undeniable, after all she drives a Suzuki Swift. Which is a hot car – but not in the stolen sense, or the mechanically-enhanced sense. However, if you google Suzuki Swift, you too will find out that it is cute, reliable, lovable, you will feel the thrill, and it is the most affordable car in New Zealand. All things that I could say about this show!

This show is a wonderful mix of making connections, hilarious stories and an insight into Ocean’s inner thoughts. Up front she declares that we are now her friends, bonded in trust to witness her confessions. It’s an invitation impossible to refuse, as she hits the stage making us laugh with her, not at her. And though she was arguably the youngest person in the Cavern Club tonight, none of us are so old as to not remember living in flats or with parents, the awkwardness of having nowhere to ‘entertain’ and the inequities of dating. In the intimate setting of the Cavern Club, we are all in it together.

In this show, we get glimpses into a life already full of experiences, only a few of which there is time for Ocean to share, and I look forward to further shows and revelations to come.

After the show as I wait outside for my lift, a young couple come out of the venue. I ask if they enjoyed the show. They did! And was I a friend of Ocean’s, they asked rather coyly? I said I did not know her, but did they? They did not either. But then we all realised that we were actually her friends now, accepted onto the friendship tree, and we all smiled with genuine delight at this realisation. Off they went hand in hand, in a glow of human connection.


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