A Knight to Remember

Circa Two, Circa Theatre, 1 Taranaki St, Waterfront, Wellington

18/07/2011 - 30/07/2011

Production Details

A Magical Medieval Interactive Improv Experience for Kids 3-10 years old!

The Improvisors present for the winter school holidays an improvised show just for kids with an exciting medieval adventure with knights, princesses and magic spells at Circa theatre!
A Knight to Remember is about a brave and noble Knight who while on an important Quest from the Queen, stumbles across a powerful magic spell – and now he’s lost his memory!
With improvised action, music and the help of the audience’s imagination can this Knight get his memory back in time to finish the Quest and save the day?
A Knight to Remember is a totally interactive show for kids that uses the audience’s ideas and suggestions to steer the course of the story, maybe even joining in the action live on stage!
We welcome and encourage the audience to come dressed up for the occasion – Knights, Queens, jesters and magicians are all welcome to add to the interactive experience (and fun).
A Knight to Remember is a great introduction to theatre for kids from 3+ and at $10 a ticket – a better deal than the movies!  
Also Circa’s cafe, Wharfside, will be open during the season of the show, offering activities for the kids and a selection of yummy treats for kids and adults!

“… celebrates the magic of mass imagination”, Theatreview
“Genuine Family Entertainment” – Capital Times

18 – 30 July
11am & 1pm weekdays, 11am Sat, no show Sun
Circa Theatre, 1 Taranaki St, Wellington
Bookings: 04 801 7992 or www.circa.co.nz <http://www.circa.co.nz>
$10 all ages

Running Time: 45 mins

After starting in 1990 at Circa Theatre, in 21 years The Improvisors have achieved over 40 shows, covering everything from musicals to multimedia, Shakespeare to Soap Opera and of course Theatresports and were awarded BEST COMEDY at the 2009 Fringe Festival. www.theimprovisors.co.nz <http://www.theimprovisors.co.nz>   

The formula succeeds again

Review by John Smythe 18th Jul 2011

As we take our seats musician Tane Upjohn-Beatson sets the mood with music in ‘medieval heroic’ style – nicely counterpointed by the arrival, on his hobby horse, of Greg Ellis as Roderick the Court Jester.

At this second performance of the season (to be played by a moveable feast of Improvisors), Kenny King plays the forgetful Knight who cannot even remember his name. An enterprising boy plucks his name from the ‘Try Me’ button on his ‘white charger’.

Sir Try Me’s amnesia has the effect of his appearing to block the offers (to use the improv jargon) being made by the Jester, rendering the initial exposition somewhat sluggish. But the premise does generate some good humour later and there is a good dramatic payoff in his regaining his memory.

Willy the Wizard (Thom McGrath) has caused the amnesia and an encounter with him sets the Knight and Jester off on a quest – abetted by audience offers – which confronts them with a series of problems to solve and obstacles to overcome, affording the third actor (McGrath in this case) opportunities to adopt a range of personae, from (at this performance) a cave-dwelling demon to a ballet-dancing princess – not to mention the horriblest creature of all: an advertising executive!

There is a recurring song that keeps track of events, Upjohn-Beatson’s music adds flavour throughout, as does Uther Dean’s operation of lights – and the return trip makes for a satisfying payoff for all the set-ups.

Good manners and especially the ‘p’ word are germane to the moral message. There is no doubt the audience both young and older, including me, enjoyed themselves. The Improvisors’ formula has worked again.
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