A Night To Remember

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14/03/2024 - 24/03/2024

Dunedin Fringe Festival 2024

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Composed and Directed | James Arthur Patterson
Choreography | Carina Torres-Brown, Haley Arnold, Deborah Miller, Susan Smith, Amy Sivak, and Wendy Patterson

Heart and Soul Producers (Florida, USA)

The Christmas story, Broadway-style. Roman soldiers, the oppression of the Jews, Wise Men in lavish costumes, yodeling shepherds, and the hilarious Herod the Great – all in 60 minutes! ‘I was completely blown away’ (Audience review). ‘Beautiful… really lovely’ (Audience review).

Language: Performed in English
Available on-demand
Theatre (Musical theatre, Classic story, Film and Video, Storytelling, Epic) (recommended for ages 5+)
Website: www.heartandsoulproducers.com/a-night-to-remember
Trailer: vimeo.com/824519462
Dunedin Fringe: www.dunedinfringe.nz/events/a-night-to-remember

Mother, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Singing Angel | Ava Bratic
Townsperson, Singing Angel, Lounge Singer | Brooke Brown
Pharisee Father, Herod’s Singer, Shepherd | Chad Carff
Mary, Dancing Angel | Rose Carff
Manger Assistant, Student, Frankincense Girl, Dancing Angel | Isa Cervantes
Shopper, Herod’s Fan Girl | Emily DeWoody
Shopper, Herod’s Fan Girl, Dancing Angel | Mya DeWoody
Teacher, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Singing Angel | Charissa Domizioli
Street Lady, Townsperson, Midwife, Gabriel | Lisa Farrall
Roller-skater, Teacher, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Shepherd | Lisa Hartley Hill
Street Vendor, Tax Collector, Innkeeper | Guy Hoenig
Townsperson, Angel | Cindy Ingraham
Wise Men Entourage, Dancing Angel | Allison Kervin
Taxpaying Townsperson, Wise Man, Dancing Angel | Kim Lauer
Shopper, Townsperson, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Singing Angel | Laura Lee
Rock Thrower, Student, Wise Men Entourage | Nathan Lee
Roman Centurion, Wise Man | Peter McCharles
Townsperson, Angel Dancer | Deborah Miller
Roman Guard, Herod’s Guard | Jeff Miller
Manger Builder, Pharisee, Herod’s Singer, Shepherd | Colin Patterson
Joseph, Herod, Narrator | James Arthur Patterson
Shopper, Narrator, Shepherd Wendy Patterson
Townsperson, Sceptre-holder, Dancing Angel | Blakely Poston
Roller-skater, Pharisee, Herod’s Singer, Shepherd | Austin Rios
Townsperson, Angel | Jana Rochette
Roman Soldier, Tax Collector Guard, Wise Man | Doug Rothenbush
Shopper, Wise Men Entourage, Angel Dancer | Jenna Rothenbush
Roman Soldier, Pharisee, Shepherd | Joel Shugars
Roller-skater, Wise Men Entourage, Dancing Angel | Aiyana Sivak
Dancing Angel | Amy Sivak
Townsperson, Dancing Angel | Susan Smith
Townsperson, Dancing Shepherd | Aly Van Iderstine
Townsperson, Student, Wise Men Entourage, Dancing Angel | Brea Wilkins
Townsperson, Wise Men Entourage Dancing Angel | Marla Wilkins
Set and Prop Design and Construction | James Arthur Patterson, Colin Patterson

Produced by | Wendy Patterson
Stage Manager | Ian Patterson
Administration | Wendy Patterson

‘Impact’ written by Eliza Vladescu, Ron Boehme, Doug Rothenbush and Wendy Patterson

Theatre , Musical , Digital presentation , Children’s , Family ,

1 hour 20 mins

Large cast enthusiastically shares the story of Christmas

Review by Beth Waite 21st Mar 2024

A Night to Remember joins the long list of musicals inspired by biblical stories, like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatJesus Christ Superstar, and even some musicals not composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. An act of passion from Heart and Soul Producers, A Night to Remember, is more akin to a nativity play with preaching elements than a Broadway production.

A large cast of performers of varying ages tells the story of the night Jesus was born. Unlike most retellings of this tale, there is little focus on Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. A scene of modern Christmas soon dissolves into the past, and we spend lengthy amounts of time with Roman soldiers, King Herod, the Wise Men, Angels, and Shepherds. After the shepherds arrive to meet baby Jesus, we enter a sermon section where many different cast members explain the importance of that night and how it affects the future of the world as we know it today.

A Night to Remember is a show that loves God. It tells the story of Jesus’s birth to an audience who already loves God. This passion is evident in the long list of cast and crew and the enthusiasm of all on stage.

Completely sung-through, the music by James Arthur Patterson has an 80s influence, and while the cast lacks vocal polish, they make up for it with commitment. Many of the songs are a verse (or three) too long, and the 60-minute show would benefit from some editing. Director-Composer-Performer James Arthur Patterson delivers Joseph’s power ballad in a solid vocal tone as he wonders what he is to do with the incoming birth of his child. The shepherds are also a highlight as their harmony pleases the ears.

I hope digital platforms and producers will manage closed captioning systems in future digital offerings. Automated captions often need help deciphering sung content, and transcripts must be completed. The benefit of a recording is that I can go back and check what I have missed when required, but I still need clarification at some points, especially during sung transitions.

A Night to Remember is a true community endeavour. It is clearly a labour of love for all involved. I commend Heart and Soul Producers for the hard work and time required to create something like this.


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