Al Pitcher’s Idiot Wind

Comedy Underground, 305 Queen St, Auckland

16/05/2007 - 19/05/2007

101 @ Bodega, Wellington

22/05/2007 - 26/05/2007

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

Al Pitcher

Ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time? Is your middle name faux pas? Does your foot reside in your mouth? You’re not alone … A favourite on the UK circuit with his energetic and freewheeling style, Al Pitcher’s bloody chuffed to return with his new show, Idiot Wind.

Inspired by a true story of flatulence on an aeroplane.

Expect the unexpected from one of the comedy’s hottest talents, with appearances at the Edinburgh Festival, and Montreal Just for Laughs Festival 2007.

If you like your comedy upbeat, improvised, with a pinch of humility and expect a big finish*, get ready to be hit by Al Pitchers Idiot Wind.

* Big finish guaranteed

“You’d have top be totally stone-hearted not to find this show hilarious. Al Pitcher is my new favourite comedian, I predict big things from this guy in the coming years he is a huge talent.” – (UK)

“I was laughing uncontrollably, this very funny man can take you on a journey into the realms of almost insanity without leaving your chair.” – ONE4REVIEW.COM (UK)

Dates:  Wed 16 – Sat 19 May, 8.30pm
Venue:  Comedy Underground, Wallace Trust Gallery, 305 Queen St, Auckland City
Tickets:  Adults $18 Conc. $15 Groups 10+ $15
Bookings:  Ticketek 0800 TICKETEK (0800 842 5385)
Show Duration:  1 hour

Dates:  Tue 22 – Sat 26 May, 7pm
Venue:  101 @ Bodega, 101 Ghuznee St, Wellington City
Tickets:  Adults $18 Conc. $12 Groups 10+ $15
Bookings:  Ticketek 0800 TICKETEK (0800 842 5385)
Show Duration:  1 hour

Theatre , Comedy , Solo ,

1 hr

Astute observations about everyday idiocy

Review by Thomas LaHood 24th May 2007

This show was inspired by a fart on an aeroplane, and Pitcher blows a lot of hot air on stage, but it’s not as puerile as it sounds.  Instead, Idiot Wind is a maelstrom of wit, incoherent at times but with enough lift and bluster to keep us airborne throughout.

Pitcher conjures Billy Connelly in his delivery.  He has the same bewildered bravado, the same tendency to distraction, the same knack for hysterically non-linear storytelling.  Often he returns to the topic at hand (I went to Countdown…) only to launch into yet another chaotic tangent, repeating the cycle over and over until the main thread of the story is so frayed that it simply evaporates.

He moves about onstage as if tugged and buffeted by crazy gusts, as well.  He rocks from foot to foot, leaping and hopping about the place with a flustered, indignant look on his face.  One moment he is distracted by the fairy lights hung from the ceiling to spruce up the dismal venue, the next he is crawling around the back wall of the stage, making a semi-coherent but very funny allusion to The Shawshank Redemption.

On Wednesday night we were treated to about half an hour of Al Pitcher Unplugged, as the microphone volume was down so low as to be unnoticeable and the ‘sound guy’ had wandered off.  Pitcher overplayed his consternation to great effect and perhaps his show was even the better for it, not to mention for the ‘weird’ Wellington hecklers that seemed to be out in force.  One guy in the front row claimed to be an Elvis impersonator and kept offering Pitcher hot chips from his bowl – either drunk, stoned, or just suffering from delusions about his own hilarity.  Pitcher let him have his moments but kept on top, stirring the interjections into a more general sense of confusion.

At times the scrambled frequencies on display simply don’t connect, but Pitcher keeps up the pace and leaves dead threads behind without compunction.   He presents a sympathetic persona onstage, full of astute observations about everyday idiocy without resorting to bullying tactics.  Apart from his closing gag, but then Elvis really had it coming to him.
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