Alexander Sparrow is THE PROVOCATEUR

Globe 2, Globe Theatre, 312 Main St, Palmerston North

18/11/2019 - 19/11/2019

Palmy Comedy Festival 2019

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As seen in The Wall Street Journal (US).

Award-winning character comic, Alexander Sparrow (Breakfast, The Project, Back Benches), returns to his stand-up roots. He’s played Trump, pick-up artists, and the Marquis de Sade – but now it’s time to get properly ruthless.

Like your comedy quick, cutting, and cathartic? This one’s for you.

“He’s good” TV3
“Very good” TVNZ
“He nails it” PRIME TV

Globe Theatre, Palmerston North
18-19 November 2019
(60 mins)

Theatre , Stand-up comedy , Solo ,

1 hr

Risky jokes, great talent

Review by Shivarn Stewart 19th Nov 2019

With a title like The Provocateur, it’s no surprise to say that this show is not for the faint of heart or easily offended. But for those willing to brave some very risky jokes, Alexander Sparrow delivers quality entertainment in his latest show. 

Whether he knows it or not, Sparrow is at his best in the sharp, sudden witticisms that line his longer stories. While stand up is notoriously hard to review – one person’s delight is another’s horror – it was felt that some jokes ran long, with a bit too much repetition in their build-up. Some editing would help tighten this up for pace and more impact, letting Sparrow’s impressive talent (and wordplay) shine through further.

For those who are familiar with Sparrow’s extensive collection of shows, it’s fascinating to hear behind the scenes tales of his work – the good moments, but even more so the hilariously awkward occurrences that can come with being a professional comedian. These moments are intriguing, and a great opportunity for Sparrow to hint at his strong performance range.

A testament to Sparrow’s skill is how well he handles a room, even with a smaller audience. Within moments of coming on stage, he has his audience drawn in, establishing the atmosphere of an intimate, for-your-eyes-only show. Given some of the topics being discussed, Sparrow’s tight hold on the audience is crucial, keeping them engaged even when things go a bit beyond the pale.

While it is unfortunate to see this performance hasn’t earned the audience size it deserves, Sparrow nevertheless ensures a good night out for those who attend.


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