ALL THAT.... (2015)

Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland

09/10/2015 - 09/10/2015

TEMPO Dance Festival 2015

Production Details

So you think you can dance? This is your chance to catch the pros in action. Choreographer Kayla Paige (X Factor, Soul of Siren, Skycity Cheerteam, IDCO) brings to the stage New Zealand’s hottest jazz artists. Starring Rebekkah Schoonbeek (Chicago), Andrew Cesan (TMC, IDCO) and many more.

Brand new to Tempo, All That…  offers a stellar selection of jazz spanning from its percussive Afro-Cuban roots, through to classic tap, to the steamy nuances of Bob Fosse. Step out for a night filled with sass and infectious energy from New Zealand’s jazz superstars.    

“It’s showtime, folks!”  — Bob Fosse

“A modern look and styles, eras and genres that have inspired and influenced the evolution of jazz dance”

Afro Cuban Roots Choreographer: Kayla Paige
Music: original track produced by Andrew Cesan
Performers: Gemma Jayde, Lucy Peters, Caitlin Myocevich, Jane Strickland, Rebekkah Schoonbeek, Kayla Paige, Lisa McLaughlan, Danielle Timbers, Jessica Watson, Tessa Cochrane, Katie Swift, Kirsten Ocampo
Drummers: Richard Cesan, Miguel Fuentes, Carlos and Fidel

Choreographers/Performers: Shae Mountain, Samantha Gemmell
Music: Proud Mary by Tina Turner

The Rhythm Section
Choreographer: Andrew Cesan
Music: Original music by Andrew Cesan, Sing Sing Sing from Fosse the Musical
Performers: Andrew Cesan, Kelly Gillingham, Morgan Heron, Gabe Sutton, Jackson Tuarae

Choreographers/Performers: Jane Strickland, Rebekkah Schoonbeek, Duncan Armstrong, Kayla Paige, Andrew Cesan, Todd Williamson
Music: Because by The Beatles

Choreographer: Todd Williamson
Music: Blackbird by Paul McCartney
Performers: Todd Williamson, Jessica Toatoa Lelani

Let’s Groove
Choreographer: Kayle Paige, Shae Mountain, Samantha Gemmell
Music: Let’s Groove, Earth Wind and Fire, Boogie Shoes, KC and the Sunshine Band
Performers: Katie Swift, Caitlin Myocevich, Megan Gibson, Gemma Jayde, Danielle Timbers, Shae Mountain, Samantha Gemmell

“Jazz without boundaries, choreographers take their creativity within the style to new places, crossing genres with contemporary, hip hop, ballet and commercial dance”

Blue Gangster
Choreographer: Kayla Paige
Music: Blue Gangster by Michael Jackson
Performer: Lisa McLaughlan

Choreographer: Jane Strickland
Music: Paralyzed by Kylne
Performers: Katie Swift, Phoebe Jeurissen, Jane Strickland, Kayla Paige

Alone, Together, Apart (Youth performance)
Choreographer: Rebekkah Schoonbeek
Music: Retrograde by James Blake
Performers: Rebekkah Schoonbeek, Holly Gribich, Nea Brink, Jessica Wilson

Right Here
Choreographer/Performer: Duncan Armstrong
Music: Right Here by Jess Glyne

Papi Pacify
Choreographer: Kayla Paige with Paul Wilson
Music: Papi Pacify by FKA Twigs
Performers: Paul Wilson, Gemma Jayde, Danielle Timbers, Megan Gibson, Kirsten Ocampo, Tessa Cochrane, Jane Strickland, Lucy Peters, Kayla Paige, Lisa McLaughlan, Jessica Watson, Rebekkah Schoonbeek

One Night Only [Guest Act: Mt Eden Ballet Academy -runners up at the World Jazz Championships, Florida USA] Choreographer: Trilby Palmer
Music: One Night Only by Beyonce
Performers: MEBA Senior Jazz Troupe

“We take a fresh look at influential musical theatre numbers, adapting original choreography and ideas and making them our own. Our tribute to those who have inspired and paved the way within the jazz and musical theatre world.”

Frug, Sweet Charity
Choreographer: Kayla Paige. Original choreography by Bob Fosse
Music: Rich Man’s Frug, Sweet Charity
Performers: Paul Wilson, Rebekkah Schoonbeek, Phoeber Jeurissen, Katie Swift, Tessa Cochrane, Gemma Jayde, Jessica Watson, Jane Strickland, Caitlin Myoevich, Lisa McLaughlan, Morgan Heron, Kirsten Ocampo

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Choreographer: Trilby Palmer. Original choreography by Russel Metty.
Music: Thoroughly Modern Millie by Julie Andrews
Performer: Summer Bradley

Choreographer: Jerome Robbins
Music: America from West Side Story
Performers: Kirsten Ocampo, Jane Strickland, Caitlin Myocevich

Steam Heat, Pajama Game
Choreographer: Original Choreography by Bob Fosse
Music: Steam Heat from Fosse The Musical
Performers: Duncan Armstrong, Rebekkah Schoonbeek, James Davies

You Can’t Stop the Beat
Choreographer: Original Choreography by Edward Love
Music: You Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray
Performers: Gemma Jayde, Jessica Watson, Lucy Peters

I Gotcha, Liza with a Z
Choreographer: Original Choreography by Bob Fosse
Music: Gotcha from Fosse the Musical
Performers: Megan Gibson, Danielle Timbers, Katie Swift, Phoebe Jeurissen, Tessa Cochrane

All That Jazz
Choreographer: Original Choreography by Bob Fosse
Music: All That Jazz from Chicago
Performers: Duncan Armstrong, Jane Strickland, Kirsten Ocampo, Caitlin Myocevish, Rebekkah Schoonbeek, James Davies, Lucy Peters, Jessica Watson, Gemma Jayde, Morgan Heron, Lisa McLaughlan, Katie Swift, Megan Gibson, Danielle Timbers, Tessa Cochrane, Issie Cassidy, Phoebe Jeurissen

Dance , Cabaret ,

65 mins

Jazz-styled spectacle eagerly received

Review by Camelle Pink 10th Oct 2015

All That… Jazz Showcase forms a flavourful addition to the Tempo Dance Program. It is wonderful to see a strong representation of our local dancers who excel in this genre. I feel that the show offers insight into the variety and lineage of jazz dance. It is ambitious, the cast is large, and they cover styles such as Afro-Cuban, Classic tap and Bob Fosse -all within 65 minutes. On top of this, the audience remain audibly excited and supportive throughout the show.

The energetic opening sets the tone and context for the show. If you are in any doubt that you are about to witness an array of jazz, you will be convinced by the short reel of keystone moments in this genre.  This thread continues through the show, using effectively edited footage of the dancers we see on stage. It is satisfying getting a glimpse of them both rehearsing and performing in other spaces.

While the showcase has a distinct ‘dance recital’ feel, there are many moments that lever towards the professional level that we are primed to expect from the show. Choreographer Kayla Paige has a great eye for shape and dynamic within the theatre space. This coupled with the many explosive routines that are carried out by proficient dancers help to create a spectacle worthy of the entertainment that we seek out in jazz styled performances.

There are clear relationships between the movers and their music. Throughout the show performers have energy and attitude, which helps to keep our eye trained on the stage. The choreography by Kayla Paige and her team highlights the dancers’ strengths through solos and group configurations. The soloist moments in this show invite our gaze as an audience. Each of these performers playfully interact with us, reminding us that we are not simply sitting and viewing this on television or You Tube, but live.

There are touching moments when performers genuinely interact on stage. Some dancers such as Morgan Heron and Andrew Cesan have a knack for a natural stage presence. This is often more satisfying to watch than the contrived facial expressions in some of the works. That said, those aforementioned facials do really work in some of the dances. Other performers including Jane Strickland and Rebekkah Schoonbeck Berrige, stand out in group work for consistently displaying professionalism that I appreciate in works that are a part of this festival.

This show is hot, active and engaging. Great sound choices propel the audience along the journey from style to style. There are definitely strong numbers in this showcase. Kayla Paige and her team ought to be commended on the technical elements and lighting design, they carry the show. These are only marred by a couple of slow music cues, which detract from the otherwise seamless transitions between pieces. It is a busy, titillating show, and I wonder if a rethink of the costuming may help take this showcase to the next level? Overall, All That… Jazz Showcase is a wonderful offering, and I hope to see more work like this presented at platforms such as Tempo Dance Festival in the future.



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