ANDREW WATTS - Feminism for Chaps

The Classic, Auckland

11/05/2015 - 16/05/2015

NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

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Andrew Watts is an “exquisitely funny” comedian (Time Out, UK), but he didn’t realise he was a feminist… until now! Join him as he explores, with his trademark “intelligent wit” (The Scotsman), how chaps like him can change the world.

An absolutely superb, hilarious show… this is smart, enjoyable and not just for chaps… It’s politely passionate, political, beautifully expressed and very funny

– 5 stars,


Mon 11 May – Sat 16 May, 7pm

The Classic, Auckland


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs $25.00

Fri, Sat $30.00
Groups 10+ $26.00* service fees may apply


0800 TICKETEK (842 538)

Comedy ,

1 hour

An honest examination of the world we live in

Review by Chloe Klein 12th May 2015

Andrew Watts both sympathises with and challenges common public social views, making you laugh while he calls you out in Feminism for Chaps. Prefacing the show with an apology to all women for having nothing to say to them, he spends an hour spinning a picture of feminism through personal anecdotes, contested twitter debates, and parenting.

Watts exudes a naturally flustered and quick-paced air, unrepresentative of his actual confidence in his material. After accidentally breaking a mic stand, he demonstrates his professionalism and flexibility by recovering comically. His sense of timing and tone are expertly woven to create sarcastic drama; he is prepared to invest in both time and words between laughs in order to draw a gag to its fullest potential.

His life in England and wider Europe situates Watts’ content, referencing British politicians, UKIP, the historical genealogy of Croatia, and an abundance of well-placed cricketing puns. Commentary on English politics is clearly Watts’ strength, one that understandably will never fully appreciated by a Kiwi audience unfamiliar with offshore power figures. Attempts to localise the performance by dropping in New Zealand place names are appreciated but feel like a last minute throw in, contrasting with the rest of his carefully planned and considered material.

His commentary on social politics however, hits the mark. Watts unapologetically calls out The Classic’s all male line up this festival season, and similarly the benefit of performing his material in strip clubs: he’s reaching the audience who need to be hearing it. In the midst of a possibly alienating advocacy mission, Watts also isn’t afraid to voice what it seems we’re all thinking. What about when feminists don’t make sense?

This is a show for the educated: his comments are rich in polysyllabic words and physics classes. The whole show is threaded with motifs – how useless men are – and satirically bitter references to an accusatory review he received in Chortle six years ago.

Watts is a clever comedian, he understands the nuance of his art form and refuses to treat his audience as the lowest common denominator intellect-wise. If you’re looking for an evening of laughter, challenge, and an honest examination of the world we live in, Feminism for Chaps is well worth your watch, whether you are a man or woman.


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