Angelina Ballerina's Big Audition

ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

11/04/2012 - 13/04/2012

Founders Theatre, Hamilton

31/03/2012 - 31/03/2012

St James Theatre 2, Wellington

19/04/2012 - 12/04/2012

Production Details

After hugely successful tours of Australia, Royal New Zealand Ballet is delighted to be performing this enchanting production, originally created by English National Ballet, throughout the country between March and May.

Angelina loves to dance and dreams of becoming a famous ballerina. Miss Lilly is her ballet teacher and Alice Nimbletoes, her best friend – characters that cannot fail to charm with their love of colour and pretty costumes.

Angelina Mousling is a fictional mouse and the star of some twenty enormously popular children’s books, which became an animated TV series in 2002, then a musical and now a ballet.

In this production Angelina prepares for her most important performance ever … in front of the Camembert Academy judges. 

Definitely one for all those budding ballerinas and we guarantee you’ll love it too!

Guaranteed to charm an army of small children – boys, note, as well as girls The Times

An English National Ballet Production

The Meridian Season of Angelina Ballerina’s Big Audition is the perfect production to introduce children to the fun and magic of live performance. The show is 75 minutes long with one interval, and specially produced programmes, including colouring, puzzles and fun ballet facts will be available to purchase.

The show is suitable for children aged two and up, so don’t be afraid to bring younger siblings along to share in the fun. The cast love performing for families and hearing the audience’s feedback especially when children laugh at the jokes and clap to the music.

“A show that can keep a theatre of young children spellbound for 75 minutes must be a magical performance. That is exactly what the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Meridian Season of Angelina Ballerina’s Big Audition delivere… The colourful mouse costumes were delightful, but it was the superb talent of the dancers that was truly mesmerising…” Bay of Plenty News, 26 March

Hamilton – Founders Theatre
31 March 2012
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Napier –  Municipal Theatre
4 April 2012
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Hastings – Hawkes Bay Opera House
6 April 2012
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Auckland – ASB Theatre
11 – 13 April 2012
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Takapuna – Bruce Mason Centre
15 April 2012
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Wellington – St James Theatre
19 – 21 April 2012
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Blenheim –  Marlborough Civic Theatre
24 April 2012
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Ashburton – Ashburton Trust Event Centre
28 – 29 April 2012
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Invercargill – Civic Theatre
2 May 2012
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Dunedin –  Regent Theatre
4 May 2012
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Timaru – Theatre Royal
6 May 2012
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Two views of a ballet for children

Review by Jennifer Shiya-Shennan & Olive Rodriguez-Thomas 30th Apr 2012

[Note: this version was not published in the Dominion Post.]

Hello, I’m Olive. My Shiya took me to see Angelina Ballerina and it was fun. You can tell Angelina straight away because her pink tutu is the same as on the poster. My friend Sophie is going to see it on Saturday so I will tell her that.

When you go in there’s a man with a computer and lots of switches to make the lights go up and down, and the sound too. You have to look at your ticket for the number of your seat and make sure it’s the same.

Then it goes dark and the show starts. Angelina Ballerina and her friends are in a ballet class and the teacher shows them what to do. The little cousin Henry is a bit naughty and he hides behind the piano, then he hides in the piano. He stops the music and makes everyone laugh.

Angelina is going to another dancing school far away. Her friend has a green dress and she’s a bit sad because she can’t go too. Angelina rides her bike to get there, it’s a real bike. She’s not actually a real mouse, she’s just got a pretend head of a mouse but maybe she’s a rat because she’s quite big. 

Angelina has a dream and the Nutcracker Prince comes in and there’s steam everywhere in the air. Actually it’s a real dream.

In the second part they are all at the Faraway School and there’s lots of different dancing. I liked the one with the piece of cheese but Shiya liked the green Irish dance with the stamping steps. There were sparkly lights and then the mouse friend in the green dress suddenly turned up and she gave Angelina a big hug.

My favourite bit was at the very end when the curtain came down and all the dancing mouses went right down on the floor and peeped out to wave from under the curtain. We cried out Bravo and I think they loved us.


This review by Jennifer Shennan was published in the Dominion Post (20 April?)

Hundreds of young children took their parents to see Angelina Ballerina’s Big Audition, throughout a recent national tour under the entrepreneurship of the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Full houses everywhere prove this is an enterprising way for a ballet company to boost its coffers.

Dancers outside the normal company ranks were recruited as cast. Apart from a number of graduates from New Zealand School of Dance, one notable listing was Katie Hurst-Saxton, formerly a prominent member of RNZB (though injured by the time the company reached Wellington so did not perform here.)

No credits are given for choreographer or composer, so the relevant references are to the series of books about Angelina Mouseling, by Katharine Holabird and illustrated by Helen Craig. While not in the same league as the legendary Frederick Ashton’s choreographic adaptation of the Tales of Beatrix Potter, there is clearly much scope to animate the favourites of children’s literature in such stagings.  

Even the post-Muppets generation responds to the special atmosphere of the likes of St.James Theatre, and one fondly recalls Peter & the Wolf, Terrible Tom and other classics from the company’s past repertoire.

A bicycle was used as transport between the attractive settings for Chipping Cheddar and Camembert Ballet Academy. My 4 year old companion, Olive, was enchanted that this was a “real” bicycle. Angelina has a dream, anticipating her forthcoming audition at the dance academy, featuring a kind of Nutcracker Prince. I was asked…“Is that a real dream? Is that a real Angelina Ballerina only with a Mouse’s head?” In a world of high tech animation and graphics, it is heartening to help a child sort out what is “really real”, i.e. live, and that in turn supports the importance of story in a child’s imaginative life.

The favourite moment, as the curtain came down, saw all the dancing mice peeping out to wave from under the lowering curtain (an old Spike Milligan trick.) The child told her parents later … “We cried out Bravo and I think they loved us.”  


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An absolute delight with sugar plum fairies on top.

Review by Brenda Rae Kidd 03rd Apr 2012

The Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Meridian Season of Angelina Ballerina’s Big Audition, based on the popular book series Angelina Ballerina, succeeds in bringing childhood favourite characters to life.

The excitement in the theatre palpable as wee darlings, with an average age of three, twirl in their candy coloured tutus and sparkling tiaras. Ballet mums equally enthusiastic.

Star ballet pupil, Angelina Ballerina, is offered an audition at the prestigious Camembert Dance Academy where she meets the other candidates. The dancers don’t miss a beat and although you can’t see their faces for the oversized mouse heads they appear to be having a whole bunch of fun.

What is so interesting about this ballet is its ability to introduce other dance genres without becoming disjointed. 

There are elements of pop, traditional folk and hip-hop. It may be said that A.J, the hip-hop dancer, almost – just almost – steals the show from Angelina.

While not technically a challenging work, Angelina Ballerina is accessible to novice and dance-lover alike.

The set design and costumes are fantastic fun with excellent lighting support. The stage is enchanted, as are the audience of future prima ballerinas throughout.

There will be many a sweet dream of glittering stardom in Hamilton tonight!



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