AotearoHA Comic Confessions

SKY CITY Theatre, Auckland

10/09/2010 - 11/09/2010

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AotearoHA Comic Confessions is the moment comedy lovers across the country have been waiting for; the comedians come clean and confess some of their deepest and most entertaining personal hijinks in a 2-hour “confessional” at SKYCITY Theatre on Friday 10th & Saturday 11th September.

Hosted by perennial joker Steve Wrigley (7 Days, C4’s The Jono Project, Billy T Award Winner 2008), AotearoHA Comic Confessions will litter the proceedings not only with fits of laughter but sordid admissions from comedians old and new. First up to the confessional booth is Ewen Gilmour, his current campaign for Supercity mayor may lead him to confess all his political secrets, while Wrigley’s 7 Days (TV3 & The Rock FM) cohort Paul Ego is sure to delight and amuse with his tell-all tales.

Also lining up to confess his inside thoughts is the most recent (and youngest) Billy T Award winner Rhys Mathewson, and C4’s The Jono Project’s new raconteur Guy Williams, recently in the headlines for his satirical pro-whaling stance.

With over 10 comedians on the bill, there will be plenty of secrets shared, compromising moments revealed and embarrassing situations unveiled.  Treat yourself to a great night out to celebrate the end of winter. Book now using Ticketek’s Reserve A Seat and secure seats next to you for your friends, without having to fork out for the tickets yourself!

Tickets on sale through Ticketek from Thursday August 12th at 9am.

Recommend 18+: May (and probably will) contain adult language and content. 

AotearoHA Comic Confessions plays:
Friday 10th & Saturday 11th September, 8pm
SKYCITY Theatre, Corner Victoria and Federal Streets, Auckland CBD
Tickets: Adults $45* and Groups 6+ $39.50*
* Service fees will apply
Bookings through TICKETEK: 0800 TICKETEK or  

Personal best in confessional

Review by Karyn Cushen 12th Sep 2010

AotearoHA: Comic Confessions presents a rare opportunity, outside the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, to see a number of well established local comedians present their individually crafted stand-up material to a large audience… In fact, the nation, as it will be telecast in a week or so… The only premise for this particular showcase is that their material must relate to an intimate revelation or, at least, some element of self-disclosure.

There are twelve comedians on the bill, including the impressive wit of Steve Wrigley as MC, each designated a five to ten minute slot to impress. The talents vary, with the first half – comprising Paul Ego, Guy Williams, Clayton Carrick-Leslie, TJ McDonald, Sarah Harpur and Raybon Kan – being particularly lack-lustre. 

This is solely due to a repetition of content, with many sets canvassing turbulence and the feats of aerodynamics, shit reality television, the crucifixion and a personal lack of sexual prowess. Additionally, Kan delivered a joke very similar to one presented by Justine Smith as part of the Comedy Divas showcase earlier in this year… Quite simply, the New Zealand comedy circuit is too small to duplicate conte, especially within the same show.

The second half proved to be more original and, as such, significantly better. Particularly with the anecdotes of Jamie Bowen’s grandfather, Tevita Manukia’s twins, Vaughan King’s brush with the law and Ewan Gilmore’s love of doggy-style. 

For a show of this breadth and stature, there is bound to be material that you intrinsically like or dislike, it is just such a shame that some of the comedians overlooked the personal, and therefore unique, confessions of this ‘comic confession’ showcase. 


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