Atamira Dance Company presents HOU 2012

Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson, Auckland

24/03/2012 - 24/03/2012

Production Details

Immerse yourself in the freshest Maori contemporary dance of 2012
Celebrate the creation of three new artistic dance works
Participate in the creative Q & A feedback session
Learn about the choreographic process

HOU 2012 : 3 Choreographers, 3 new artistic dance works, 1 show

Join Atamira Dance Company as three of New Zealand’s leading Maori choreographers unveil their new works, the result of a demanding challenge to create a dance piece during a six-week development period.

Moss Patterson (Atamira Dance Company’s Artistic Director) is inspired by the traditional art of Moko. Taane Mete’s work is an exploration of the female form in relation to light, and Jack Gray is inspired by the Kamira manuscripts from his Mitimiti Whakapapa.

As part of the performance, Atamira dancers present two other short works from the company’s existing repertoire.

Atamira’s studio will be open from 1pm-3pm on Saturday 24th, as part of the Waitakere Open Studio event, visitors are welcome to observe rehearsal and participate in an open company class.

Ticket includes a glass of wine/juice and Kai


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1 hr 20 mins

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