4 Moncrieff St., Mt. Victoria, Wellington

19/04/2014 - 03/05/2014

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Lock up your dogs, cats and cows! BadJelly is bad and she is back!!! 

The story of Tim and Rose that we know and love will be brought to life these April holidays for children, parents and grandparents alike. BadJelly the Witch will steal, wheez and maybe even sing (okay… singing guaranteed!). With a cast of four this show will be fast, furious and full of laughs. 

We encourage our guests to dress up, sing along and boo at the Witch. (Note: Any child in a cow suit may be stolen….parents in cow suits will be put out to pasture). 

With the usual fun and songs to sing Badjelly the Witch is the most exciting adventure to be had this Easter, so lock up your cows and come and see it! 


Performance Times: Monday – Friday 11am and 1pm, Saturdays at 11am 
Tickets $10, Groups of 10+ $9.00 each, Children under 2 Free 
$7 Special Opening Preview, Saturday 19th April 
Bookings:  phone 04 385 0292 or go to 

Ria Simmons – Rose, God 
Sam Phillips – Tim
Carrie Green – BadJelly the Witch, Appletree, Jim, Shark
Andrew Paterson – Dulboot, Binklebonk, Mudwiggle, Dinglemouse 
MDF – Lucy and Friends 

Musical Advisor – Carrie Green
Puppet Maker – Carrie Green
Set  – Tony Ferrier, Blair Ryan and Cast
Lighting Designer / Operator – Grace Morgan-Riddell
Production Managers – Grace Morgan-Riddell and Fingal Pollock
Front of House – Sasha Tilly
Administrator and Publicist – Fingal Pollock
Financial Officer – Dushka More

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Cast overcomes noise to tell the story

Review by Laurie Atkinson [Reproduced with permission of Fairfax Media] 22nd Apr 2014

KidzStuff has brought back Spike Milligan’s classic Badjelly the Witch in a new, fast paced production that kept the standing- room only audience at the first performance entertained.

Some of the audience seemed to know the script so well that one felt they could have prompted the actors if needed. (They weren’t.) [More]


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An excellent holiday investment

Review by John Smythe 19th Apr 2014

What a polished production this is, presented with such assurance that the fun of it takes full flight. Director Daniel Pengelly has assembled a top-flight cast and crew to deliver a quality version of Alannah O’Sullivan’s adaptation of Spike Milligan’s Badjelly the Witch with just four actors and some cleverly manifested creatures and effects. 

Carrie Green brings a very posh malevolence to the title character, contrasting the tones of a stately home chatelaine with vile exclamations of “stinky poo” and farty noises, much to the children’s delight. Her solo song is beautifully rendered too. So engaging is she that when, late in the game, she asks where her escaped prey Rose and Tim have gone, they tell her!

Pure and innocent is the way Ria Simmons and Sam Phillips play Rose and Tim, sweetly singing their song about milk before discovering their beloved cow Lucy has gone. They handle a very vocal audience very well, listening to what they have to say and incorporating it – modifying the script somewhat, I suspect – until towards the end when they really do have to get on with the show as planned.

Andrew Paterson delights in distinguishing Dulboot the giant, Binklebonk the pixie, Mudwiggle the worm-cum-strongman and Dinglemouse (a glove puppet). He knows exactly how to pitch the ‘trouser thief’ and ‘bare bottom’ gags. Paterson is a strong and true singer too, and together the cast are in fine voice.

The story, of course, involves Rose and Tim’s quest to find Lucy, who is not a pantomime cow this time but an MDF (medium-density fibreboard) cut-out, which serves the purpose well. While the theatre-going children are exempt from becoming Badjelly’s next meal (according to Clause 2.4 of The Witches Prevention Act), the children in the story are fair game.

The Appletree who used to be a policeman, the Shark Rose and Tim are saved from by Mudwiggle, and Jim the Eagle who rescues them from Badjelly, are all played with relish by Carrie Green, who is also credited as the Puppet Maker and Musical Advisor. The cabaret diva persona she brings to Jim, in multi-toned orange tulle (costumes from the costume Cave, I take it), is a splendid touch.  

Grace Morgan-Riddell’s lighting design and operation adds ideal atmosphere.

As with all KidzStuff shows, Badjelly the Witch will inspire play at home among those who see it, which makes it an excellent holiday investment. Go early to get the best return.


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