Ballroom Blitz

Opera House, Wellington

04/06/2024 - 04/06/2024

Production Details

Anthony Street - PRODUCER

Base Entertainment

Get ready to experience the ultimate dance extravaganza with Ballroom Blitz, the latest sensation from the visionary producers of “Celtic Illusion.” Choreographed by the remarkable Aric Yegudkin, three-time Dancing with the Stars champion, this show is a breathtaking fusion of elegance, energy and mind-blowing ballroom dance.

Ballroom Blitz sees traditional ballroom dance meet cutting-edge choreography, producing a mesmerising display of skill and passion. Be awestruck as Aric Yegudkin’s artistry takes centre stage, creating a spectacle where rhythm meets romance, passion ignites the dance floor, and you are transported into a world where every step tells a story, and every move ignites the senses.

Featuring breathtaking costumes, lighting and stage design fused with heart-pounding music performed by our live band, this show will set the stage on fire as the dancers create moments of pure enchantment, a testament to the incredible world of dance.

Ballroom Blitz will leave you spellbound, reminding you that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to dance. This is ballroom dance unleashed!

Dancers Include:
Julz Tocker, Shae Mountain, Ash-Leigh Hunter, Ruby Gherbaz, Julian Caillon, Joshua O’Grady, Stephanie Cappas, Daria Walczak, Nick Chan, Jessica Grivan, Kim Perry and Neville Parry.

Dance ,

1 hour 50 minutes (Including Interval)

Smooth as cutting butter with a warm knife

Review by Greer Robertson 05th Jun 2024

It is fiery, fun, and fabulous!

With a gigantic mirror ball, flashing lights, and a ton load of artistic talents, the entire cast comprising of 12 world-class dancers, a 5-piece band and 2 singers confidently leap over the ditch for their New Zealand tour. Conventionally in a competitive situation, Ballroom and Latin dancers are given stadium proportions to move within. Therefore, understandably it is quite difficult to perform on tour in a variety of theatre sizes, without said space, when the ‘one size fits all’ production needs to fit.

To a packed theatre full of dance enthusiasts, performers current or former, as well as dreamers and supporters; the two hours of dance magic have them happy, leaving exhilarated and uplifted.
What more do you want for an evening out in the first week of a cold New Zealand winter? 

The glitz, glamour and glory of the dance floor is here!
Under the flavoursome guidance of choreographer and multi-award ‘Dancing with the Stars’ champion Aric Yegudkin, we witness true commitment. 
A lifetime of hard work, sweat and tears is visible in every stitch, every polished move, every line, every look, and every note.

Musically, under the directorship of multi-instrumentalist Hayden Baird, I also commend as these performers not only ably support the dancers, but showcase their individual talents. 

As smooth as cutting butter with a warm knife, individual couples lyrically perform traditional ballroom dances with a huge injection of charismatic choreography. Intricate, difficult partnering skills flourish. 

The audience is in awe. 

An electric flawless Pasa Doble takes the floor. And the entire ensemble excels onstage when they are all together having a blast as seen in the Jive to Tina Turner’s “Night Bush City limits” and finale of “Ballroom Blitz.”

Congratulations! With consummate panache and passion Ballroom Blitz delivers. A grand night out!


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