Puppies, cnr Tory & Vivian Streets, Wellington

27/02/2014 - 02/03/2014

NZ Fringe Festival 2014

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It all started because a stranger told her to shave her armpits, now she’s REALLY pissed off.

To be hairy or not to be hairy… that is the question Charlotte McShane wants women to have the choice to make (without being met with derision). From top to bottom, tache to tush the show explores what it is to be a hairy woman in this age of plucked perfection and the grooming rituals we put ourselves through to become ‘beautiful’.

Through vignettes of spoken word, song, dance and whole lot of rambling the show exposes the other side. The hairy side. Featuring such ditties as ‘It’s a Tache Thing’ and ‘A Hairy Vag Ain’t So Bad’ it’s a show for all the ages, provided those ages are 16 and above. 

Charlotte was a hairier than average child growing up and turned into a hairier than average woman. Using her own memories and experiences combined with the testimonials of Wellington women she delves into the wild world of body hair removal and explores the origins of why we started removing it in the first place and how that smooth look has now become an integral part of how we view femininity. 

Coming over from England as an up and coming performing artist Charlotte is interested in the anomalies in what we expect of our women and breaking those final taboos surrounding them. Not afraid to speak her mind – even at some points offend – her work is shambolic, creative, unpredictable, and outrageous but above all a damn good time.  

Beauty is a Beast is a one woman show written and performed by Charlotte McShane. It is a brand new production having its premiere at the New Zealand Fringe Festival and its debut will be at
Puppies on the 27th February-2nd March.
Every performance begins at 7pm
and should run for about 50 minutes.
The production will be a koha event and a drink is even provided so people are actually benefitting from coming to see it.

Theatre , Solo ,


Quick, quirky and very funny

Review by Deborah Eve Rea 28th Feb 2014

From ladystaches to vagina-beards, Charlotte McShane wants women to “embrace what you are”. 

In Beauty is a Beast, McShane muses and educates on the trials and tribulations that come with being a “hairier than average woman” in today’s society.

Beauty is a Beast is told largely through stand-up but also explores “the hairy side” using song, dance, poetry and dramatic vignettes. McShane’s songs, such as ‘A Hairy Vag Ain’t So Bad’, have the audience joining in chant. Beauty is a Beast also includes some interesting history on hairless fashion.

McShane is quick, quirky and very funny. She banters with the audience and occasionally bursts into electric physicality when her passions run high. Her delivery contains wisps of Catherine Tate and Isy Suttie. 

McShane is a wonderful addition to the Wellington comedy scene and I look forward to her future work. Hairy or not, be sure to catch Beauty is a Beast before it is plucked from Puppies this Sunday. 


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