BATS Theatre, The Dome, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

08/11/2022 - 12/11/2022

Production Details

Papa, written and performed by Jeremy Hunt (he/him)

Treble in Paradise, written and performed by Felix Crossley-Pritchard (he/him)

Piccup, written and performed by Georgia Kellett (she/her)

Co-directed by Georgia Kellett, Felix Crossley-Pritchard and Jeremy H

Co-produced by Dastardly Productions and Knot Theatre

Bill Bill Bill; a triple dipped, triple clown, triple bill show from collaborators Knot Theatre and Dastardly Productions. See three un-Bill-ievable solos take the stage with pizzazz and alacrity. Their comedic takes on dance, music, and bureaucracy aim to delight… and they’ll do anything to win you over.

Three brand new, original solos performed and directed by Felix Crossley-Pritchard, Georgia Kellett, and Jeremy Hunt, these clowns will knock your socks off and tie them in knots, the dastardly devils! Come and see their clownish, innocent and downright silly approach to overcoming the “whoopsie-daisies” of their little lives.

BATS Theatre, tHE Dome
8th-12th Nov 2022
Tickets $20 | $15 | $18 | $40

Graphic design by Dannii Kellett (she/her)
Lighting design by Georgia Kellett
Sound design by Georgia Kellett, Felix Crossley-Pritchard and Jeremy Hunt
Lighting and sound operated by Maea Shepherd (she/her)

Clown , Solo , Theatre ,

1 hr

The Power of Three: compelling, slick, thought- and smile-provoking

Review by Donna Banicevich Gera 09th Nov 2022

Three clowns, three solo shows, three memorable performances, co-produced by Dastardly Productions and Knot Theatre, co-directed by Georgia Kellett, Felix Crossley-Pritchard and Jeremy Hunt. This is the power of three.

And how powerful it is. The cast of Bill Bill Bill have a way of seeing that inspires and changes the way you think about the world. This collection of three solo performances show, through clowning, how what we see is always influenced by a whole host of assumptions. We consider the nature of childhood and joy, music and everchanging perspectives, and what doesn’t always inhabit our accepted environments.

How we see the world as a child is shown through Papa, written and performed by Jeremy Hunt. Set in a train station in 1930s Europe, we experience the pleasure of doing what we’re not allowed to do. And we feel the fun of doing just that.

Treble in Paradise takes us in another direction as Felix Crossley-Pritchard pivots his character’s love of music to shiny things, then into a realm of changing values, expectations and enjoyment. A creative performance that shows a vision for digging deep into who we really are.

Georgia Kellet, in her work Piccup, introduces us to a bizarre flightless bird and its attempts to take flight through well-choreographed dance technique and stylised movement.  We’re challenged here by possibilities.

By exploring the layers of meaning within these works we understand that when we see, we are not just looking – we are reading the language of personal responses and interpretations. It is clever, artistic and professionally presented.

The three clowns do their jobs well, their stories are beautifully shaped, their performances strong, and their commitment to their craft admirable. Lighting and sound operated by Maea Shepherd complements the show.

Telling stories well is one of the most basic – and difficult – challenges actors face. This group of three have met the challenge head on and succeeded. The characters they have created are compelling, the pace slick, and the material thought-provoking.

There is nothing distancing about the work. From the time you enter the theatre you are part of the experience. Their connection to the audience complete. They make you smile, and the smile remains a permanent fixture for the entire entertainment.

A wonderful performance.

Everyone needs a feel-good experience. This is it.


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