BATS Theatre, The Propeller Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

15/07/2016 - 30/07/2016

YOUNG & HUNGRY Festival of New Theatre 2016

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Welcome to the jungle-gym; where an all encompassing primary school friendship meets religious fervour meets the need to find your own identity. Who are you without your BFFs?

Bloody Hell Jesus; Get Your Own Friends follows the trials and turbulence of friendship between two girls, after one converts to Christianity, set against a backdrop of geeks, freaks, god squad, pot heads, punks, and Hipster Jesus… Everyone needs to find their own rhythm.

BATS THEATRE Propeller Stage
15 – 30 JULY

Young & Hungry Festival of New Theatre 
6.30pm – Bloody Hell Jesus (Get Your Own Friends) 
Written by Lucy Craig & Directed by Jane Yonge 
8.00pm – Like Sex 
Written by Nathan Joe & Directed by Samuel Phillips 
9.30pm – Dead Days 
Written by Owen Baxendale & Directed by Debra Mulholland

$18 Full Price – $45 Season Pass (see all 3 plays)
$14 Concession – $36 Season Pass
$13 Group 6+ – $36 Season Pass
$10 School – $25 Season Pass
BOOKINGS: / / 04 802 4175

About Young and Hungry

For 22 years Young & Hungry and BATS Theatre have been providing young people with a platform to perform, produce and create great theatre – with the Y&H Playwright’s Initiative producing three new Kiwi plays a year and the annual Festival of New Theatre at BATS – Y&H feeds the theatrical hunger and quenches the creative thirst of young uns’ under 25. Our 2016 season explores our relationships in many manifestations – BFFs, one-night-stands, family, flatmates, religion, and Twitter. Find out more about Young and Hungry.


*The Propeller Stage is fully wheelchair accessible; please contact the BATS Box Office at least 24 hours in advance if you have accessibility requirements so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Read more about accessibility at BATS.

Shelley:  Sophie Coomber
Lauren:  Nora Maarleveld
Drew:  Chris Watts
Bindi:  Bella Cook
Eric:  Andy Gartrell
Spike:  Ruby Hanson
Jesus :  Tim Fraser
Rob:  Zakary Boven
Tim:  Matthew Savage   

Assistant Director:  Ruby Hansen
Stage Manager:  Alley Lane
Asst Stage Manager:  Matthew Savage
Set:  Talei Timakata
Costume:  Rosie Glover
Lighting:  Caitlin Foster
Sound:  Andy Gartrell
Tech Operator:  Elly Love

Thanks to Script Advisor Gary Henderson 

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Festival allows young casts to shine #1

Review by Ewen Coleman 18th Jul 2016

Teenagers trying to make sense of life, although a bit of a cliché, is a major part of growing up and to varying degrees is the theme of this year’s Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre.

The first of the three plays that make up the Festival, currently playing at Bats Theatre, is Bloody Hell Jesus (Get Your Own Friends), written by Lucy Craig and directed by Jane Yonge.

A person’s beliefs, be they atheist, Christian, semi-Christian or that of a metal-header in a rock band, should never be a barrier to long and lasting friendships. But to Shelly, the central character in this play, it becomes painfully obvious that it can be. [More


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A welcome reflection-cum-insight

Review by John Smythe 16th Jul 2016

The experience of inevitable change in ‘tribal’ allegiances on the journey through teenage to young adulthood gets a lively airing in Lucy Craig’s Bloody Hell Jesus (Get Your Own Friends), directed with a light but ‘on point’ touch by Jane Yonge.

Two quarter-pipe skate park ramps dominate Talei Timakata’s impressive set while a drum kit occupies the upstage alcove. While no skateboards or BMX bike are employed, Yonge makes excellent use of the opportunities to physicalise the ‘quest for self in the maelstrom of life’ story, as told by Shelly (Sophie Coomber).

Shelly is happy to take her cues in life from her confident and opinionated Best Friend Forever, Lauren (Nora Maarleveld), who is especially scornful of Bindi (Bella Cook)’s Christianity. While she repels all advances from the boys, however, Lauren is amused that something might be brewing between Shelly and guitarist Drew (Chris Watts).  

The cast is completed with ‘bad’ band boy Eric (Andy Gartrell), stroppy percussionist Spike (Ruby Hanson), Christian group boys Rob (Zakary Brown and Tim (Matthew Savage), and the all-important Hipster Jesus (Tim Fraser).

The actors who inhabit their roles compel us to believe in them and so relate to the whole unfolding story, while the odd bit of over-acting is distracting and counter-productive. Hopefully this will be sorted as the season proceeds.

I won’t reveal the twist that forces Shelly to realise she has to own her own life rather than hide in the shadow of others or even been led by someone else’s light. Suffice to say its description as “a big hairy elephant with a fart problem” exemplifies Craig’s facility with juicy dialogue. The ‘epiphany’ running gag is fun too.  

So BFFs, potentially romantic relationships, music preferences, what to do, who to be and questions of faith all come into play in entertaining ways as Shelly’s story romps through time and umpteen locations without missing a beat. Even though she herself is convincingly bewildered much of the time, the production holds its focus on her quest. And a very poignant moment towards the end deepens the whole experience.

A welcome reflection of – or insight into (depending on your perspective) – how life is at that age these days, Bloody Hell Jesus (Get Your Own Friends) is a strong opener to this year’s Young & Hungry Festival of New Theatre.

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Editor July 21st, 2016

Here is the podcast link to the RNZ Afternoons review of Young & Hungry 2016 at BATS Theatre 

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