Boo Dwyer & Tash York PETTY B*TCHES

Te Auaha, Tapere Iti, 65 Dixon St, Wellington

08/05/2019 - 11/05/2019

NZ International Comedy Festival 2019

Production Details

Wanted: Petty Bitches.  

Why be a Basic Bitch when you can be a Petty Bitch?  

Are you willing to go that extra mile for the most minute detail? To be petty is not to be childish, it’s to be specific, REALLY SPECIFIC, because every detail counts.

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning comedy cabaret bitches, Dwyer & York have combined forces to address the very specific, small and somewhat meaningless issues that make us petty, but better than the rest.

Are you petty? Then come join us… B*tches!
Facebook – Mick & Boo
Instagram – @pettytheshow

Te Auaha – Tapere Iti (Little Theatre)
8 – 11 May 2019
Wed & Thu: $23
Fri & Sat: $26
*service fee may apply

Wheelchair accessible
Frequent coarse language, Adult themes, R16 

Theatre , Comedy , Cabaret ,

55 mins

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Review by Margaret Austin 10th May 2019

Billed as “comedy cabaret bitches”, Boo Dwy er and Tash York at Te Auaha’s Tapere Iti live up to their descriptor. From the get-go, we are struck by their boldly animal-printed sexy elegance. The promise of provocation as well as pettiness hangs in the air.  

We are conference attendees, here to learn the importance and the art of being petty. Being petty, we learn, involves being specific. That’s an interesting notion. It gets some elaboration in what follows, consisting of much repartee, cleverly composed and deftly delivered.

This is a well put together, extensively rehearsed, technically satisfying show. Its perpetrators, Boo (British) and Tash (Australian), introduce us to pettiness as a system of learning and proceed to give us examples and practice.

Our performers not only look fabulous; they sing fabulously as well and their accompaniment is brilliantly managed.

So why doesn’t their show click with me? I think it’s because I have trouble connecting this decidedly un-petty pair with their theme. I think I want them to be more aspirational.

Hell, I can hear my editor saying, this is a comedy show. It’s a comedy festival. Aspirational?! Get a life. [I would never say that – ed.]

I hasten to say it is obvious that nobody else in the audience suffers from the same moralising misgiving.

BITCH is an acronym used by our petty ones. It’s worth going to the show to find out what the letters stand for. 


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