Bus-bay outside the TSB Arena, 4 Queens Wharf, Wellington

05/12/2014 - 13/12/2014

Production Details

The Bus is back 

Pat-a-Cake Productions presents Bus Ticket: Moving On – the re-developed season of their sell-out Fringe Festival show Bus Ticket. Transporting audiences on a new route around Wellington, this interactive show onboard a bus will introduce new characters and gain momentum, moving more than just the conversation forward.

Have you ever spoken to the person sitting beside you on the bus? The smallest interactions with strangers can deliver unexpected insights, moments of blissful apprehension, freaky revelations and occasionally, a really decent chat. Audiences are invited to the next stop at a new stage, as Bus Ticket: Moving On shifts from busstop blues to broken hearts and back again.  

This immersive show explores the spaces we forget to share, while offering a snapshot of our daily Wellington community. It indulges in the awkward, the ambiguous and the socially challenging aspects of the public/private divide, and asks what shape our collective journeys might take?  

Director Lily Della Porta says: “Bus Ticket was so successful earlier this year in Fringe, we decided to revisit and develop what we loved about it. Devising and performing on a bus speaks to our collective experience as Wellingtonians; public transport and human interaction are part of our daily lives.” 

Pat-a-Cake Productions have been making fresh, physical theatre in Wellington since 2012. Their re-developed show exemplifies a trademark break with form and an eye for quirk and character, while exploring physicality to a greater degree. These devices work to illustrate the unexpected moments of connection between people moving forward together, who are often looking in opposite directions. 

Prepare to be moved, as a part of this site-specific work that reminds us how to share with the people around us. Book tickets online at eventfinder.com to secure a seat on the bus – it’s sure to be a riot of a ride! 

Venue: On a bus!
Pick Up: Bus-bay outside the TSB Arena, 4 Queens Wharf, Wellington Central.
Drop off: Same as pick up.

When: 5-13 December (No show Monday)
Time: 6.15pm or 7.15pm (two shows per night)
Cost: $18/14 Click here to book!


Best enjoyed with a friend

Review by Deborah Eve Rea 07th Dec 2014

Following on from its successful season in the New Zealand Fringe Festival, Pat-a-Cake Productions bring us the redeveloped season of Bus Ticket: Moving On. 

Previously, our bus stop was situated on Kent Terrace; this departure asks us to meet at the TSB arena (Queens Wharf). Our meeting point is a little hard to spot at first (perhaps a bus stop sign would add both function and amusement?). 

Post safety briefing we are herded on to our trusty old bus, departing with a few characters and a musician.

This journey takes us on a round trip through Newtown, Island Bay and Brooklyn (the Fringe route was a return ticket to Seatoun).  Throughout we come into contact with many characters; some larger than life, some so in the world of the domestic that they could easily be missed. Many bus gags are included such as loud conversations and music, missed passengers and unwanted attention. 

Most characters seek out private conversation with audience members, some more successfully actually engaging and listening to audience members while other performers are little distracted and fall into the trap of ‘talking at’ their chosen audience member. 

I am privy to a few small complaints from audience members regarding sightlines and hearing the dialogue over the engine noise.

Bus Ticket retains all of the charm of its Fringe season. However, I do miss the more heightened and physical chorus work as well as the moments of group song. Bus Ticket is best enjoyed with a friend to gossip with about its inappropriate characters and outlandish behaviour from a shared seat.


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