Bus stop opposite the Embassy Cinema (Kent Tce), Wellington

25/02/2014 - 28/02/2014

NZ Fringe Festival 2014

Production Details

Pat-a-cake Productions present… Bus Ticket for this year’s epic Fringe Festival, 25-28th February, 7.30pm ON A BUS!! After their successful season of What Goes Up… at Bats Theatre, Pat-A-Cake brings their theatre into your daily life by taking it out of the theatre and onto a bus! 

Where did we get our bus etiquette? No talking. No eye contact. No engagement beyond a judgement of the wardrobe choices around you. Shuffle I-pod, sneak a selfie for Snap chat, and update your twitter – anything to avoid eye contact with the pregnant lady struggling her pram. The choice to disengage creates a community that marvels over digital culture at the expense of real human contact. 

A space we forget to share, buses are a snapshot of our daily Wellington community.  

Bus ticket engages with this community and their interactions or lack thereof, on that daily bus rush that we all recognize. It is a devised interactive experience that verges on promenade – it will be a ride not to miss!

Pat-a-Cake Productions (Thin Skin Fringe 2013)aims to create visceral and playful work that speaks to our community’s sense of empowerment.  The material of the show comes from the devisers’ honest and personal experiences in our Wellington community. This relevant and truthful process allows the audience to share and invigorate their sense of individual responsibility for their community.

Prepare to be moved as a part of this site-specific work that reminds us how to share with the people in front of us. It’s a delightfully devised show that is spontaneous, surprising and an enjoyable ride for all. 

Venue: On a bus 
Pick Up: Bus stop opposite the Embassy Cinema (Kent Tce, Wellington) 
Drop off: Same as pick up (or close by) 
When: 25 -28 Feburary, 7.30pm 
(Show starts at 7.30 – bus leaves a while later) 
Cost: $15/12/10/7 
To book: www.fringe.co.nz  

Theatre , Site-specific/site-sympathetic ,

Delicious Fringe favourite

Review by Deborah Eve Rea 26th Feb 2014

Pat-a-cake’s latest work, Bus Ticket, explores the twists and turns of relationships as well as connections and missed connections, while taking audience members on a round trip from Cambridge Street to Seatoun.

At some stages of Bus Ticket, it’s hard to tell who the actors are. Some are writing in notebooks, gazing out the bus’ window; one is trying to change their clothes in the seat without causing alarm. A domestic parody of the everyday is juxtaposed with moments of surrealism. The actors join as a chorus to deliver poetic verse while at other times they utilise heightened physicality, almost dancing with the acceleration and inertia of the bus. 

Performances shift from subtle and almost hidden to outrageous. All of the characters are fully embodied both physically and vocally. There are very strong, consistent and commendable performances from all. 

The company have opted for very flexible ‘rules of the game’ which allows the audience to choose how involved they wish to be. At any stage you can join in on the action, watch from your seat, or even disengage for a while by looking out the window. In regards to audience participation, Bus Ticket ingeniously hands over the power to the audience member.  Characters, upon sitting next to you, ask for your permission to interact: “Can I sit here?” and “Shall I go sit somewhere else? I can if you want.”

The entire journey is sound-tracked from the backseat by musician Callum Devlin. Devlin uses guitar and a variety of percussion, including the fantastic use of the bus poles, to accent Bus Ticket’s drama, mystery and comedy.  

The piece needs a final beat for completion after the audience has disembarked in order to release us from the work. We would also like a way to show our appreciation for the company.

Bus Ticket is delicious and, for myself, a Fringe favourite. Although the season is sold out (well done) keep an eye on their Facebook page for added shows.

Bus driver Steve may even drop you off on his way home to Island Bay if you ask nicely.


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