Cabaret Meets Chaos

Sammy's Entertainment Venue, Dunedin

30/03/2009 - 02/04/2009

Dunedin Fringe 2006-9

Production Details

Step right up for an evening of Cabaret, circus and chaos! This team of misfits will have you on the edge of your seats with thrilling acrobatics, feats of balance and strength, saucy burlesque and general naughtiness. Cabaret Meets Chaos is a new and exciting show – don’t miss your chance to see its debut exclusively at Sammy’s bar.

The sultry Ayla Emerald will dazzle you with her hoop spinning spectacular and bathtub shenanigans. Her flirtatious personality has been known to get her into trouble now and then so be careful not to get too close to this femme fatale.

Sven Valentin is the suave man on the scene, who loves giving a good rub-a-dub in the tub. This macho man sure knows how to hold a woman, and always gets away squeaky clean.

Lieutenant Lou has a lot of respect for the law but if some one takes the law in to there own hands she will see they do the time for them crimes. So keep an eye out for Lieutenant Lou on her police bike.

Tipsy the Clown has a habit of looking for love in the wrong places. She’s a girl who just wants to have fun and meet the man of her life.

Is that a bird…? Is that a plane…? No it’s… Mono-Man!!! A strange visitor from the far off planet of Monotopia, Mono man can be easily identified by his flouro yellow mono-hawk (mohawk), big bushy mono-brow and of course his monocycle. Saving one person at a time he is Mono-Man!!!

So make sure you get a ticket to Cabaret meets Chaos.

Dates: 30, 31 March;  1, 2 April
Venue: Sammy’s Entertainment Venue
Time: 9pm (Duration 60 mins)
Prices:  Full: $15 | Concession: $12 | Group (6+): $10

Fit, flexible, erotic, gawky and funny

Review by Terry MacTavish 01st Apr 2009

Hoop-la! Scintillating hijinks that mix circus tricks with comic burlesque! Of recent years, perhaps following growing discomfort with the concept of performing animals, circus has come of age, revitalising legit theatre with a radical new form of social commentary that does not rely on words.

The three performers in Cabaret meets Chaos are graduates of the two-year diploma course at Christchurch’s Circo Arts. ‘Circus Arts’ embraces a wonderful mixture of street theatre, acrobatics, juggling, balancing, trick-cycling, and of course clowning, and Louise Kerr, Rowan Ford Davies, and Shelley Dingwall are very proficient exponents indeed. Theirs is a clever, funny, and thoroughly professional show.

There are no pretensions to portentous themes, but the skits are loosely linked by the efforts of Kerr, as a gawky female police officer, to impose some sort of order on a bizarre world. She enters on a unicycle, doing tricky things with balloons, and is joined by the amazingly fit Davies as a Strongman, and the amazingly flexible Dingwall, who is produced from a suitcase (yes) dressed as a sexy nurse.

To a continuous music soundtrack, sometimes perfectly suited to the action, sometimes a bit odd, they swing confidently into a brilliantly controlled series of sketches that showcase their skills. One of the most charmingly silly of these is a droll duet by Dingwall and Davies, that mimics synchronised swimming.

An erotic chair-dance, and strip-tease down to nipple-tassels, puts one uncomfortably in mind of those performing animals again, so it is a relief and delight when the gawky ladycop, after reprimanding the showgirl, decides she will also attempt a daring strip-tease. Now this is true burlesque, a delicious parody of sexual allure, and Louise Kerr has the perfect facial expressions to make it riotously funny.

Part of the fun of Fringe, is discovering all the fabulous venues Dunedin has hidden away. This time it is Sammy’s, which once was lovely old His Majesty’s Theatre, hosting the big melodramas in the gold-rush years. Good to see it is still used for popular theatre, albeit on a smaller scale. Certainly Fool of Fun Entertainment have earned their popularity at this Festival.
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