Can I Get an Underground Location and a Mythical Creature?

BATS Theatre, The Dome, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

14/10/2023 - 14/10/2023

NZ Improv Festival 2023

Production Details

Improverished (Auckland)


Want to experience Dungeons & Dragons without doing the maths? Then this show is for you! Experience an improvised, fantasy adventure entirely made up on the spot and controlled by the dice.

Brought to you by theatre troupe Improverished, their D&D show returns after a sold-out seasons at the NZ International Comedy Festival, and Auckland Fringe Festival.

Whether you’ve played D&D since you were five, only know it from watching Stranger Things or just enjoy improv and laughter — come along!

14 Oct, 8.30pm, BATS Theatre

Frankie Browne
Gareth Blackler (He/him)
Izzy Renton (She/her)
Jed Stanton (he/him)
Nik Edwards (he/him)

Tristram Domican

Improv , Theatre ,

60 mins

Entertaining for avid players and those who know nothing about Dungeons and Dragons

Review by Shemaia Dixon 16th Oct 2023

Upon entering the BATS Dome space, the audience can see a trunk full of costumes, a Dungeons and Dragons book and a giant D20 (20-sided dice). On a table alongside a few seats is a giant D6 (6-sided dice) that has a D&D class on each side.

We then meet the performers: Frankie Browne, Gareth Blackler, Izzy Renton, Jed Stanton, Bec Stubbing and Nik Edwards. Jed, the dungeon master, briefly explains how to play Dungeons and Dragons and states that they will have a one-shot (one session D&D storyline). Two performers will play the game, while the other three serve as NPCs (Non Player Characters).

Audience members get to select an underground location, a monster and roll the D6, assigning classes to the characters. The location chosen is an underground bone room. The chosen monster is a doppelganger, having the ability to shift forms and strangle enemies. The first class rolled is Cleric, an intermediary between the godly realms and the mortal world, and gifted with magic. The second class chosen is Druid, known as an embodiment of the resilience of nature. These characters set out to return the stolen clothes of the Dwarves, who have been left naked. They undertake their mission in the name of the god of decency.

What unfolds is a series of side-splitting hijinks. The Cleric and Druid have a mentor-apprentice relationship that is both highly comedic and heartwarming. The NPC’s take the roles of Dwarves, trees, vines and monsters along the journey, quickly tailoring themselves to whatever situation they are needed in.

Whenever the D20 needs to be rolled, an audience member gets to do the honours. Jed makes a point of explaining why the D20 needs to be rolled, so audience members of all experience levels can understand. 

Throughout the show, the cleric and druid occasionally take off their hats and return to the role of D&D players to ask Jed for clarification or be asked a question about their character choices. These moments are hilarious and realistic representations of playing D&D. Operator Tristam Domican changes the lighting whenever these side conversations occur, creating a different atmosphere from the main storyline.

Presented by Impoverished Theatre, Can I Get an Underground Location and A Mythical Creature? feels like watching a live action game of Dungeons and Dragons. The interesting storylines, side conversations and comments from the Dungeon Master are all just as present as any game of D&D. The performers ensure the whole audience understands what is going on, while maintaining the interest of experienced players.

This is a show both avid players and those who know nothing about Dungeons and Dragons will love.


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