Trek Global, 9 O'Reily Ave, Wellington

23/02/2016 - 04/03/2016

NZ Fringe Festival 2016 [reviewing supported by WCC]

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Winging her way from the mean streets of London to the windy capital of Wellington Catherine Badwind returns with her eclectic array of characters and personalities.

From a jilted neurotic bride on search for a husband to be, to a middle aged-introvert trying to branch into her newly established Pohuhukawa conservation efforts, Badwind will be back on the streets with her characters. Also stay tuned to her website and social media for updates on Badwind’s shows where she’ll be improvising her way through each scenario, guaranteeing a different interpretation every night. 

From a young age Catherine has always enjoyed creating costumes and characters. As as a nine year old Badwind would venture in costume even to the supermarket. After more studying and training in drama and clowning in London, twenty years down the track she’s still in disguise. 

Coveted as last years ‘Spirit of the Fringe’, this is a show that is sure to enthrall and entertain audiences of all ages. 

Trek Global, 9 O’Reily Ave, Wellington
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Tues 23 Feb, 3.35pm
Fri 26 Feb, 3.30pm & 5.20pm
Sat 27 Feb, 3.30pm
Tue 1 Mar, 3.50pm
Fri 4 Mar, 3.30pm & 5.20pm
Throughout Festival (45 min)
TICKETS: free/koha 

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Frilly, twee must see

Review by Joana Simmons 27th Feb 2016

As I make my way to the back of Trek Global Backpackers at 3.30 in the afternoon, I think it was a somewhat unconventional time and setting for a Fringe show. But when I walk into the performance space; tiered seating in a wee courtyard and am offered a nametag, see the Pōhutukawa tea towels, gingernuts and squash, I realize I am in for a real treat. 

Catherine Badwind is Prudence: a 42+ year old lady, single, virgin, with an interest in pollination, and is member of the week for the Pōhutukawa Society. Prudence is an incredibly well developed character who reminds me of one of my aunties, and is as bonny and charming as her crocs and wooly koala jersey.

The Pōhutukawa Society meeting, like any meeting has a structure, and as an audience we are taken through the proceedings. We get involved by answering questions, raising concerns about troubles or threats to “Pohutes” such as global warming making them flower the months either side of Christmas, and making the Pōhutukawa flag the national flag of NZ.

We discuss our hobbies, learn to pot a plant, sing the Pōhutukawa song (accompanied by Prudence on the recorder) and compete in a quiz. Prudence’s constant chatter is delightfully dry, like the stale scotch fingers you are offered on arrival.

This particular afternoon, an unsuspecting French backpacker is just wanting to enjoy the courtyard but he catches Prudence’s eye and she is “on it like a car bonnet,” wooing him with words … and waving to him across the room as he leaves, confused. 

I can see why Catherine Badwind won the Spirit of the Fringe Award last year. She has devised a clever show that is not only enjoyable to watch, it’s a wonderful experience. In the daylight of a cosy courtyard, our handful of audience members is taken into a different world, where we are no longer strangers at a Fringe show but members of a group who connect, engage and laugh with each other.

For me, moments like this are  what Fringe is all about. If you like to go to the theatre, sit safely in the dark on the other side of the fourth wall, then this show might not be within your comfort zone… But I say it’s frilly and twee, and a MUST SEE! 


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