Pacific Crystal Palace Spiegeltent, Havelock North Village Green, Havelock North

20/10/2018 - 22/10/2018

Hawkes Bay Arts Festival 2018

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This five-star, sell-out children’s choice is a dynamo of circus talent and frenetic noisy fun, a genuine “supercharged showstopper” that will delight kids and their parents alike.

Children are Stinky is the most spectacular reverse psychology experiment you have ever seen. The extremely talented duo, Kylie (April Dawson) and Jason (Kyle Raftery), in trying to prove that kids are stinky are met with messy, ridiculous, hysterical twists. They only succeed in proving that children are awesome…and they know it! 

With a rocking ’90s soundtrack and in-jokes (for the adults), and plenty of interactive shenanigans (for the kids), this jaw-dropping circus trick tease will entertain the whole family.

Expect daredevil stunts, incredible acrobatics, lighting fast hula hoops, and a belly-load of laughs.

Created by Malia Walsh and Chris Carlos; performed by April Dawson and Kyle Raftery. 

Hawkes Bay Arts Festival
Pacific Crystal Palace Spiegeltent, Havelock North
Sat 20th & Mon 22nd October 2018
Adult:  $35
Concession:  $30
Child – 16 and under:  $20

Theatre , Family , Children’s ,

50 mins

Purely and simply for fun

Review by Jenny Wake 21st Oct 2018

Jason and Kylie, stars of a popular Australian TV series, have been let out of the studio to go on tour with a live show for children. Sadly, they don’t have a high opinion of their target audience. They reckon kids are scaredy-cat, lazy, bad at speeling (sic), unimaginative and stinky. Especially the latter – actually, they consider the entire audience to be a bunch of farty bum-bums. 

Cue a fast-paced, chaotically comedic circus show. Children are Stinky is packed with popular culture references, parent-pleasing music, a pooey nappy, some pretty awesome acrobatic tricks and plenty of funny fart jokes as Jason and Kylie set out to prove their points. Along the way, the audience manages to disprove most of them and, of course, in the end we discover who really are the stinky ones.  

There’s no meanness, just lashings of good-natured ribbing. In fact, April Dawson and Kyle Raftery of Circus Trick Tease are so engagingly likeable as Kylie and Jason that no amount of audience-dissing or eww-stink face-pulling can prevent a forest of small hands shooting up when they ask for volunteers to help with some of their death-defying tricks.

They can also boast some seriously good circus skills. Super-strong Raftery can juggle, ride a unicycle, balance Dawson on his head and do a headstand on a tower of five chairs, although he admits it takes a sly fart to accomplish that feat. Dawson’s hula-hooping has to be seen to believed – not just for her skill, but for her artistry and comedic timing. She is so good at spinning hula-hoops that, when she teams up with tiny Eloise, an audience ring-in, she even makes the young novice look like an expert.

Children are Stinky is purely and simply for fun. When you take your young ones to see this show (recommended for ages 3-10), don’t expect them to learn anything more deeply meaningful than that everybody farts. Do expect to find them trying a few handstands at home afterwards. Also, I’m pretty sure some will be asking for hula hoops this Christmas. 


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