New Athenaeum Theatre, 24 The Octagon, Dunedin

25/07/2019 - 27/07/2019

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Harriet Moir – Entertainer / MC presents her debut solo stand up show called CHIP – The Comedy Experience.

Popular local Entertainer, MC, Wedding Celebrant and Comedian Harriet Moir presents her debut solo stand up show CHIP – The Comedy Experience at the New Athenaeum Theatre on July 25, 26 and 27 at 8pm.

Harriet is well liked for her honest, real, relatable and no holds barred style and self-deprecating accounts of everyday real life antics. She is also well known to Dunedin audiences for her many varied and comic roles in local music theatre productions such as Mamma Mia, Grease, Mary Poppins and Priscilla.

Harriet has found herself in a pickle more times than she’d care to count. But when the chips are down, she’s dealing with things the only way she knows how – by putting on a show.

CHIP is her first full solo stand-up comedy show taking place at The New Athenaeum Theatre later this month. She will be supported by hilarious local comedians Reuben Crisp, Hamish Mabon-Ross and Jonathan Falconer.

You know how we’re all basically just like potatoes, all different shapes and sizes and varieties? And how some people are potato salads and get taken to fancy parties and BBQs and live the high life but they’re a wee bit cold and some are all warm and mashed and comfortable and served with sausages? And some are all chopped up and plunged into vats of hissing and bubbling oil but they come out chipped but deep fried and extra delicious? Well, this show is about that. I just added some salt (to the wounds) and a wee bit of sauce.

Tickets are selling so well, she has opened up a third show on Saturday July 27.
There are limited tickets still available for Thursday July 25 and Friday July 26.

New Athenaeum Theatre
25, 26 and 27 June 2019
Tickets are only $22
available at;

Let’s get this chip out of the pickle and back in the fast (food) lane where she really belongs. 

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Headline act top-notch

Review by Kate Timms-Dean 29th Jul 2019

I’m a Dunedin girl; I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never been the metropolitan type. Forget bright lights and big cities! Little old Dunedin is just fine by me. Don’t get wrong, I love this city and my life, but of course there are draw-backs. There are sights not seen and experiences not experienced. One such experience is stand-up comedy. 

It’s Friday night, it’s winter and it’s cold, but the lights of the New Athenaeum Theatre are on and the house is hotting up for a night of fun and funniness. The theatre is packed – every seat is taken and the show is booked out for the weekend. We all know we’re in for a good night. 

We are treated to a medley of four stand-up comedians, starting with Reuben Chrisp. Unfortunately for Reuben, he tries something that doesn’t really work and the audience spends the first half of his act wondering who the hell he is. Things get back on track, we have some laughs and then Reuben tries a new joke that falls quite flat – no dear, you don’t look like Jesus. But praise for your experimental spirit! 

Next up is Hamish Mabon-Ross. Here is a dollar mixture of hard and soft, sweet and sour; the audience is warming up. There are more laughs here and the delivery seems more polished, more rehearsed. However, the transitions are a little rough and the flow of his patter just needs a bit of tightening up. Great work Hamish.

Number three to grace the stage is Jonathan Falconer, who has the added advantage of just looking funny. The American accent doesn’t hurt either, given that most of us will have experienced heaps of stand-up steeped in the twang of the Rocky Mountains. Moreover, his life is a treasure-trove of laugh-worthy material; everything from Mormons to the Home Alone movies is up for grabs. Well done, Jonathan; you are one funny guy.

Now for a break, a bit more lubrication from the bar and it’s time for the headliner. Harriet Moir makes a crash-hot entrance (luckily without the crash) and immediately, her talent as a comedian is undeniable. Laughs? I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed that much! The stories, the delivery, everything is top-notch. The challenge for Moir is the Dunedin-ness of her stories. She cleverly tip-toes her way through, making sure that, while the characters are clear (and hilarious!), they are not identifiable.

And as I’m leaving, my side aching with laughter, this Dunedin girl thinks, who needs the gym. Stand-up comedy is all the exercise I’ll ever need. 


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