Court One, Christchurch

06/04/2010 - 17/04/2010

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Young audiences will enjoy a new and engaging theatrical experience these school holidays, when The Court Theatre’s CINDERELLA hits the stage.

Devised and presented by The Court’s resident troupe of improvisers, The Court Jesters, CINDERELLA is the classic tale retold with the audience’s help. Audiences will have a say in everything from the Prince’s favourite hobby to Cinderella’s favourite food: even picking outfits for the Ugly Stepsisters to wear to the ball!

Beloved performer and writer Greg Cooper returns to The Court to direct this exciting retelling of Cinderella where anything can – and will – happen.

CINDERELLA opens on April 6th at The Court Theatre. All tickets are $8; book at The Court Theatre Box Office: 963 0870 or online at

Directed by:  Greg Cooper
Cast: Daniel Bain, Torum Heng and Javier Jarquin
Venue: Court One, The Court Theatre
Dates:  Tuesday 6 April – Saturday 17 April
Performances: Mon-Fri 11am & 1pm, Saturday 11am only (no shows Sundays)
Tickets: All tickets $8.
Bookings: The Court Theatre Box Office, 963 0870 or online at  

50 mins, no interval

Zippy yet relaxed

Review by Lindsay Clark 10th Apr 2010

However many versions of this time-tested rags to royalty tale have entranced listeners and viewers over the centuries, there is always room for one more. The Court Jesters improvisers are a small team to tackle an on the spot rewrite, all the way from Brothers Grimm to final clinch, but they are enthusiastically supported by switched-on kinder, ready with challenging suggestions.

Director Cooper has the trio of actors – Dan Bain, Javier Jarquin and Torum Heng – well prepared with a trim plot line into which offers can be absorbed and developed. Lots of fun then, all round.

As the redoubtable brothers, the Jarquin/Bain pair explain a little of the history of the story before launching into their update with a request for the favourite food of the prince whose marital future needs serious attention. He is too obsessed by the soccer ball to pay much attention to the dancing kind, but he’ll go anywhere for an ‘avocado’ buffet. The rhyme wizards must have been grateful that the offer wasn’t ‘chocolate’ or ‘saveloys’.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen the ugly sisters, provided by the same nimble pair, have begun their preparations for a fashion makeover, presented as a mock show by Cinderella herself, the intrepid Torum Heng. She is in charge of a rack of wonderful garments and aided by voluntary ‘experts’ in the business.

As the outrageous sisters depart for the ball, Cinders is left, as we expect, with the prospect of a dull evening in. What we could not predict is the violently pink assemblage, concealing Javier Jarquin and strutting down the aisle to do his turn as Fairy Godmother. Even less could we anticipate the shower of shoes s/he conjures from above. ‘Hannah Montana’ is the saucy dress style our Cinders is awarded and her pet mouse (puppet and expanded version) brings Dan Bain back on to do the coach job.

So to the ball, the pièce de résistance for my keen eyed junior critic companion. Cinders’ fancy footwork sparks associations with his favourite game for Prince (Jarquin) and once the pair hits the avocado buffet it becomes clear that they are meant for each other. Oh dear, midnight, and a fluffy pink ug boot is all that remains of the bliss, until the moment we’ve been waiting for, after the would be princesses have done their darndest to claim the item.

The writer’s study of David Thornley’s set for The Female of the Species allows a generous space for the merriment and Annie Graham’s costumes are a source of great fun but it is the zippy contributions of the improvisers and their relaxed efficiency with a young audience which adds real relish to the event.


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