Circus Oz 30th Birthday Bash

Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland

05/03/2009 - 15/03/2009

Auckland Festival 2009

Production Details

Circus Oz 30th Birthday Bash
Circus Oz (Australia) 


They’re thrilling, they’re cheeky. They’re Australia’s premier circus ensemble and they’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate Circus Oz’s 30th birthday at Auckland Festival 2009.

With performers from all corners of Australia, Circus Oz is ready to set the stage alight and blow you away with their brand new, high-energy show. Revel in the strength, agility, beauty and irreverent humour of these internationally acclaimed performers.

‘Simultaneously laid back, satirical, funny, slightly naughty, chaotic and richly musical’ New York Times


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Thu5 Mar 7.30pm 
Fri6 Mar 7.30pm 
Sat7 Mar 1.30pm 
Sat7 Mar 7.30pm 
Sun8 Mar 1.30pm
Wed11 Mar 7.30pm 
Thu12 Mar 7.30pm 
Fri13 Mar 7.30pm 
Sat14 Mar 1.30pm 
Sat14 Mar 7.30pm 
Sun15 Mar 1.30pm

Bruce Mason Centre

Premium $65
Premium Festival Friend $55
Premium Child $45
A Res $55
A Res Festival Friend $50
A Res Concession $50 A Res Group 8+ $50
A Res Child $35
A Res Family $150
B Res $45
B Res Concession $40
B Res Child $20
B Res Family $110

Intense energy, daring and heart – and yours may be in your mouth!

Review by Sian Robertson 06th Mar 2009

I can’t think of a better way to have spent my evening. Circus Oz managed to totally transport and inspire two tired, grumpy troopers, harassed by atrocious weather.

Anyway, the Bruce Mason Centre is a cosy, civilised haven once inside, so don’t let the onslaught of rubbish weather fool you into staying wrapped up at home with a good DVD. I mean it, don’t – the circus is in town! And they’re putting on a hugely entertaining, no holds barred, acrobatic extravaganza, backed by fantastic original music.

This is one of the best live shows I’ve been to, of any kind. Circus Oz are astonishing, terrifying, hilarious, enthralling – such that a few times I was so gob-smacked I forgot to applaud. It made me seriously consider running off to join the circus.

I’m not sure who was more impressed, me or my six-year-old son, but Circus Oz definitely caters to all ages and dispositions; no one will fail to enjoy the classic circus stunts, acrobatics, juggling, trapeze, hoop diving, lots of aerial stunts involving bungies and ropes, precarious furniture balancing, graceful pole clambering, plus some less conventional acts, like roller blade somersaulting, kangaroos being catapulted off seesaws, as well as cupcake addiction, a raucous diva, and other vaudeville-style delights, all bound together with a classic Aussie ethic: irreverent, ballsy, flamboyant and humorous; not to mention amazing demonstrations of endurance, strength and flexibility, and (seemingly) effortless professionalism.

The diminutive Nicci Wilks, with the not-so-tiny voice, glues the various acts together with her large, messy wad of pink chewing gum, her hilarious banter with the audience and numerous character changes. Among her many talents, she’s a master of disguise and a master of the giant hula hoop.

Her partner in crime, Justin, the ‘stage hand’ with a longing for the limelight, reveals secret skills on the ultra-baby grand piano and juggling and keeps Nicci’s chewing gum safe when she has to sing or play the flute.

I can’t praise all the performers individually because there are a lot of them, but wow, what a complementary team; there are no weak links and with never a dull moment, they have the audience eating out of their hands. Original, creative scenarios, rich in great visual punch lines, make your eyes water at the superb comic timing and palpable suspense. And did I mention the band? I would go just to hear the music.

Shortly after the interval, a Frankenstein-esque ‘experiment’ introduces a new genre – b-grade horror, somewhat out of kilter with the rest of the show, but nonetheless a great excuse to put Nicci Wilks into a mad cackling scientist’s lab coat and for some macabre, cadaverous acrobatics.

Walking out into the foyer, my son asked if we could come back tomorrow… and the next day. His favourite part was the kangaroo scene. Mine were numerous, but what I most admired were the performers’ intense energy, daring and heart. Speaking of hearts, mine was in my mouth more times than I care to count! My only regret is that I had to glance down occasionally to scrawl my notes and miss the lip-biting action.


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