Centrepoint, Palmerston North

21/09/2019 - 19/10/2019

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Club Cabaret explodes back onto the Centrepoint stage this spring with all new acts! Pierre, our long suffering MC, has again assembled some of the most talented stars from around New Zealand (and his wife Darlene) to dazzle you with world-class performances. 

You will enjoy astonishing acrobatics, stunning songs, mind-bending magic, hilarious comedy, and elaborate circus… unless of course, Darlene’s news derails the entire night… This legendary variety show is not to be missed! 

Upgrade to the VIP experience to get close to the action and enjoy bubbles, nibbles and dedicated service at your table. Book now and immerse yourself in Club Cabaret – Part Deux!

Centrepoint Theatre, Palmerston North
21 September – 19 October 2019

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Will make you laugh, hold your breath, whoop and holler

Review by Tania Kopytko 22nd Sep 2019

Comedy, showmanship, naughtiness and a dalliance with danger make this show special. The second Club Cabaret directed by Dan Pengelley for Centrepoint Theatre, it brings together some favourite performers from last year and some new artists. But all the acts are new and different and the theme this time, though wacky as ever, has a dark, dangerous side. The simple and intimate set designed by Sean Coyle adds to the atmosphere.

The audience whoops and hollers, sympathises and remonstrates, as Pierre the compere (Dan Pengelly) is rude to his wife Darlene, the wonderful multitalented Darlene Mohekey and the ‘intern’ Indy Henman. But he gets his eventual comeuppance from the feisty women, as the relationship narrative weaves its way through the cabaret show.

As usual the audience are involved, and this time VIP’s MP Iain Lees-Galloway and the Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith, come under the spotlight for some dancing and playacting, all of which is well handled.

All the performers are standouts, each with their own specialist skills. David Letterman returns for this season with new and quite different acts – involving incredible whip, juggling and judgement skills – and he is not afraid of danger. Juggling with a working chainsaw – arrrgh – I’m not saying anymore. David has a wonderful wit, personality and audience rapport.  

The wonderful Darlene Mohekey shows her wacky side, impersonating a number of famous performers with her amazing voice, theatrical and dance skills – but it is the buzzy bee that I love most.

New to the cast are Daniel Heaphy and Ellyce Bisson, both with circus arts and aerial skills. The slightly freakish Daniel has unusual flexibility which he uses to get himself out of a tight fix and also displays some impressive aerial swing work with style. Ellyce performs the most amazing contortions in her first saucy feline act and then towards the end an impressive and funny aerial ring act. These are the touches that give Club Cabaret Part Deux! a different and special edge.

Kane Parsons provides a wonderful selection of music and great humour. Some tap dance and rhythmic wackiness is eventually presented by the determined-to-get-on-the-stage ‘Intern’. All the performers work well together, assisting each other in acts, which also creates a strong sense of ensemble and connectedness.

Yes this is a great show and it is summed up by the last fantastic song and dance from Darlene Mohekey, the famous Donald O’Conner’s ‘Make ‘em Laugh’ from Singing in the Rain.

Yes Club Cabaret Part Deux! will make you laugh, hold your breath, whoop and holler. You will be amazed and you will have a fantastic time! The season runs from 21 September to 19 October 2019 – don’t miss it! 


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