COMEDY ALL-STARS at The BMC Comedy Club, Week 3

Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland

14/05/2015 - 16/05/2015

NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

Production Details

The BMC Comedy Club is back every Thursday to Saturday with an All-star selection of world-class comedians.

Fully licensed and seated cabaret style comedy.

Week 3: Andrew Watts (UK), Tevita Manukia (TONGA/NZ), Alan McElroy (IRE/NZ) & 2015 Raw Comedy Quest Winner.


Thu 14 May – Sat 16 May, 8pm


Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland


Adults $35.00
Conc. $30.00
Groups 8+ $30.00* service fees may apply


09 970 9700

Comedy ,

2 hours

Well curated laugh fest

Review by Chloe Klein 15th May 2015

Tevita Manukia, Tarun Mohanbhai, and Andrew Watts, aided and MCed by Alan McElroy, deliver a full an  fast-paced evening of edgy cabaret style comedy to tables of expectant and slightly drunk North Shore audience members.

Opening the triple bill sandwich is Tevita Manukia, a comedian who divides. He sets the tone of his set early on with racially charged jokes drawing ‘ooooooooooohs’ and laughter in equal amounts. This is the dynamic that defines his remaining performance, as he covers topics including religion, parenting, drug use, paedophilia, and masturbation.

There are more than a few uncomfortable seats in the room as material gets riskier, inversely matched by the volume of laughs belted by those not phased. Manukia is relaxed and honest on stage, not to be confused with standoffishness. He performs who he is and doesn’t apologise for it.

Tarun Mohanbhai proves himself to be in the Goldilocks Zone of the show, between Manukia and Watts. His jokes are tasteful and clever. He occupies the ‘mock my culture’ genre frequented by many comedians, and I can’t help feeling I’ve heard all these Indian jokes before. Nonetheless, he’s witty, easy going and holds his own.

After a few of his references to kids, in combination with the children slamming also provided by McElroy and Manukia, I’m left wondering why this show hates children so much?

Andrew Watts follows up and finishes the show off with a set of prime British comedy. Decked again in his lawyer-style suit and tie uniform, and with awkwardness performed as an art, he spits words at threateningly high speed. A mixture of his Feminism for Chaps and other less feminist material, Watts’ set delivers hit after hit of clever gags, pulling roaring laughs from those willing to intellectually invest in them. From necrophilia to the rise of the Nazis, Watts integrates an unbelievably wide topic choice into a seamless set.

Overall, it’s a well curated show guaranteed to get you laughing. This week’s Comedy All-Stars might not be for the faint of heart, but for those willing to brave it, it promises great humour value-for-time with punch after punch.


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