Comedy Cure - Fact or Fiction

Mighty Mighty, Wellington

09/05/2007 - 12/05/2007

Comedy Underground, 305 Queen St, Auckland

23/05/2007 - 26/05/2007

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Comedy Cure

Fact or Fiction? You Decide…

The Comedy Cure is on a mission. This quartet – often described as the Guerrillas of Wellington stand up – are bringing the truth back to the stage, and they are doing it every way they know how: power ballads; student film; interpretive dance; good old fashioned OHPs; and raw, blistering stand up comedy.  

 “We’re on a crusade,” says Cameron Murray, the Comedy Cure’s resident historian. “But not the bad kind with swords and horses, more like the good kind with Indiana Jones and biplanes”. Cameron has had a burning desire to carry out this campaign for many years, but it wasn’t until he met TJ McDonald at the Wellington Comedy Club that he discovered a kindred spirit.  

“For too long, the ‘Truth’ has been held in the purview of newsreaders and scientists and such forth – and they’ve made it boring!” Explains TJ. “We’ve decided to reclaim ‘Truth’ for the masses. From now on ‘Facts’ are no longer things that ARE true, but things we WISH were true.”

Nick Grimwood, the newest recruit to the Comedy Cure squad, has recently come to accept that there is a desperate need to get these new facts out into the public consciousness. “Take Beetroot. Real?” Asks Nick rhetorically. “Quite wrong. In truth; a massive Soviet cover-up.”

Jim Stanton – the brains, beauty and dress sense of the Comedy Cure – always remembers the advice her mum gave her when she decided to join the team. She said, “You look fine and don’t listen to what the other kids say”.

So come and see the “Fact or Fiction? You Decide…” and prepare to be blown away as your mind is open to a world of truth you never even knew existed, mainly because it didn’t until quite recently. You will marvel as these fresh-faced young comics deny boring truths and perpetuate lies at speeds of up to 40mph! Or do they?…

Dates:  Wed 9, Thur 10 & Sat 12 May, 8pm
Venue:  Mighty Mighty, Level 1, 104 Cuba St, Wellington City
Tickets:  Adults $10 Conc. $8 Groups 10+ $8
Bookings:  Comedy Cure 021 037 5087

Show Duration:  1 hour

Dates:  Wed 23 – Sat 26 May, 10pm
Venue:  Comedy Underground, Wallace Trust Gallery, 305 Queen St, Auckland City
Tickets:  Adults $10 Conc. $8 Groups 10+ $8
Bookings:  Ticketek 0800 TICKETEK (0800 842 5385)
Show Duration:  1 hour

Cameron Murray
Nick Grimwood
Jim Stanton
T.J McDonald

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1 hr

Enjoyable if light and a little green

Review by Thomas LaHood 14th May 2007

Four heads are better than one, at least that’s so in the case of this troupe of young comedians.  Banding together to present their repertoire of short stand-up sets, skits, one-liners and video clips was a clever move, allowing for a pace and dynamic that supports and enhances the individual talents being showcased.

Fact or Fiction?  You Decide… moves along smoothly and swiftly in the manner of a television skit show, the ever changing focus and varied material allowing a light, absurd tone that is difficult to maintain in a solo performance.  The four comics enter and exit with a pleasing fluidity, sometimes pausing only to deliver a single one-line gag as they cross the stage.

Cameron Murray, or ‘Pinchy’, opens the show with a peculiar riff on Fact and Fiction and has a oddball manner on the stage that lends credence to his self-described likeness to Gonzo.  He clearly has a streak of absurd humour that can be sharp and unusual.  His stand-up material, however, is a little too traditional for my liking, especially when he gets into the sexual angst territory.  His creepy predatory comments to the woman in the front row lingered unpleasantly over the rest of the set.

Nick Grimwood contributes mostly gags about going out, getting drunk, dancing and ‘stabbing prossies’.  It’s juvenile material that shows his lack of experience, but his energy on stage is bright and indefatigable, bringing an element of physicality to the troupe.  His self-aggrandising character is used both on stage and on screen in video and slideshow sequences, more or less successfully, but overall the style is too tame and familiar.

Jim Stanton gives us some much more original humour when alone at the mic, delivering perhaps the night’s best line:  "Desperate times, desperate cellists."  She (yes, Jim is female) also manages to make her own that horribly overused device, pretending to be a four-year-old, by having her report the grisly details of a motorway accident, to the audience’s obvious enjoyment.  It’s a genuinely funny characterisation.

T.J McDonald is clearly the most professional of the group, enjoying an ease and command with the microphone and audience that betrays his Toi Whakaari training.  He takes his time with punchlines and avoids straining, ummming and other nervous tics displayed by his partners on stage.  He provides some of the funniest moments of the show, including the ingenious ‘That Guy’ video clip, which is a simple idea but extracts massive laughter from the crowd.

The visual material is very well constructed and integrated with the show.  The video sequences are notable for their comic timing and brevity, and the slides that accompany some of the one-liner gags are well-judged so as not to interfere with the gag itself, either contextually or technically.

All in all Fact or Fiction: You Decide… is a very enjoyable, if light and at times a little green, ride.  By sharing the spotlight, these four comics have done much to ensure the audience will remember them.


kaz hearts comedy cure May 15th, 2007

I saw these guys on both weds and sat. They are amazing. The very best of Wellington Comedy! Seriously good comedy.

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