CORI GONZALEZ-MACUER - White Background Confused Face

VK's Comedy & Blues Bar, 60 Dixon St, Wellington

29/04/2015 - 02/05/2015

NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

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It’s been a big year for What We Do In The Shadows star Cori Gonzalez–Macuer and it’s only going to get bigger with his latest, and greatest stand-up show to date, White Background Confused Face coming to Auckland’s Basement Theatre on 13th – 16th May and Wellington’s VK’s from 29th April – 2nd May. 

After sell out shows in 2014, Cori’s brand new show delves deep into the world of the comedian stereotype. From hedonism to depression, to unoriginal show names and standard poster designs White Background Confused Face covers it all. Fresh from performing stand-up shows across the U.S, this Billy T Winner is back to share his insights into the world of your “average” comedian.

As well as his recent foray on to the Big Screen, Cori has appeared on 7 Days, Pulp Comedy, AotearoHA and was a regular in cult hit A Night at The Classic.  His triumphant return to Chile was also filmed as a special for TV3’s Funny Roots. It’s been rumoured he was even once a finalist for Cleo Young Bachelor of the Year! Cori has been gigging in the USA for the last 6 months and he is on fire – you’re sure to get bang for your buck with this talented young comedian. 

“Cori’s reluctance to accept a career in entertainment is what has made him the performer he is today “ – 

“Win’s the audience over with his carefully orchestrated awkwardness” – V3ERE

Dates: Wednesday 29 April – Saturday 2 May, 8.30pm
Venue: VK’s, Corner of Dixon Street and Cuba Mall, Wellington
Tickets: $22.50 – $25 (booking fees apply)
Bookings: 0800 TICKETEK (842 538) //


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Review by Maraea Rakuraku 01st May 2015

I stifle a groan when on entry to VK’s, I see a laptop onstage. That for me is the equivalent of a slicked-back suit powerpointing his way through a compulsory hour long meeting during your lunch break: Let me distract you with technology so I don’t actually engage, let me present a whole lot of data that I have no idea how to pitch in ordinary language. Get the picture?

To his credit, Cori Gonzales Macuer doesn’t hinge his performance on it and there is some fairly amusing stuff but it’s nothing that can’t just be told, right? Rather than shown? But then he does out how he’ll be doing exactly what he is doing, in the manner he is doing it, and the audience don’t seem to mind. And he keeps to it. 

Some are dragged onstage to act out a play. Again, that’s amusing but I’m unsure about the worth of the payoff. When a notebook makes an appearance with jokes to test on us, I’m starting to seriously lose interest. I’ve seen this all before with another comic and – you know, when you feel something that you haven’t felt in ages and you don’t remember what it feels like but you remember when you felt it? Well, yeah. Nah. Yeah.

There’s talk about drugs and getting wasted. Boring. There’s a fair amount of sardonic posturing and self-deprecation. Even now it seems like too much of an effort for me to remember what that was actually in relation too. Ups for the pony-tail dig, though. 

He does have moments where you get a glimpse of some razor-sharp wit. Love it. It’s just infrequent and uneven and I want to see more. He’s been doing this a while – 12 years and his eighth time in the Comedy Festival – so he’s obviously done his time and has his fans.  

Maybe I’m reading it wrong but Gonzales Macuer looks like he doesn’t actually enjoy what he does. Perhaps that’s part of his appeal. It’s a full house so he obviously has appeal. He could just be tired after touring. Well with a baby on the way (as he tells us) there will be a whole age of tiredness unknown before heading his way.

He veers into Flight of the Conchords territory at the end which for me is the strongest part of his performance. Even so, as my mate says as we’re leaving, “I’m not sure what the point of that was.”


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