Crazy Joint Love

Zeal (above Bodega), Wellington

16/02/2011 - 19/02/2011

NZ Fringe Festival 2011

Production Details

Are you are old enough to have remember Noel Coward’s Private Lives
Young enough for a Pearl Jam concert? 
Any age at all and have ever been in love? ???

In CRAZY JOINT LOVE, a comedy of co-incidence and characters, one weekend in Wellington for a concert becomes a catalyst for crisis and craziness.

Does Zac REALLY have an emotional age of two?
What did Sophia REALLY get up to the night of Lucy Treadwell’s party?
Has Trent REALLY come to Wellington to find a hobbit?
Will Lulu’s first night REALLY be as perfect as she hopes?
AND – can a crazy old bag with a baton REALLY play Cupid???

The situation in Noel Cowards original play has been updated from the 1930s to 2011 in this fast and sometimes furious comedy. Zac and Sophia think they never want to see each other again but when they do …

Sarah Delahunty of 1st Gear Productions focuses on working with teenagers to mount productions of a professional standard. Former shows all written and directed by Sarah include Eating The Wolf (2005 Fringe), SuperBeast (2006 Fringe), 2b or nt 2b (Pickof the Fringe 2008 ), Medea Songs (2010 Fringe), Trusting Strangers, Counting Stars (2010, Downstage Bar).

Crazy Joint Love stars Neenah Dekkers, Reddyn Wallace, Te Aihe Butler, Ella Hope Higgenson and Robbie Nicol – young performers from Wellington

When  16th – 19th February 7:45 pm
Where Zeal 103 Ghuznee St (above Bodega)
Cost $14 $10 $9  

Reddyn Wallace
Neenah Dekkers
Te Aihe Butler
Ella Hope Higginson
Robbie Nicol

Music by Neenah Dekkers and Te Aihe Butler
Pianist: Alex Stainton. 

High Quality Performances

Review by Helen Sims 17th Feb 2011

Crazy Joint Love marks the return to the Fringe Festival of Sarah Delahunty and her 1st Gear Productions drama students.  In keeping with the previous shows (2b or not 2b and Medea Songs), Delahunty updates the classics to produce sharp, witty and teen friendly material. Also consistent with previous productions is the high quality of performances from the young cast.

Crazy Joint Love is an update of Noel Coward’s Private Lives – set in a dodgy Wellington hostel the night before a Pearl Jam gig. The hostel is run by the fabulous Sunshine (formerly Sandra) McPhee (Robbie Nicol), who delights in a naughty pun and frequently breaks into song. Ex couple emotionally stunted Zac (Reddyn Wallace) and train wreck Sophia (Neenah Dekkers) are staying at the hostel with their respective new “better” halves, dim, emotional Lulu (Ella Hope Higginson) and dim, clumsy Trent (Te Aihe Butler). Despite the vitriol they heap on each other, neither Zac nor Sophia has really moved on, and the scheming Sunshine hatches a plot to throw them back together. Cue break ups and make ups galore. It’s great fun for the audience.

Although love might be totally random and crazy, it’s definitely not dead. The frequently hilarious show is punctuated by music played by Alex Stainton and composed by Butler and Dekkers.  This may be a lighter hearted affair in comparison to previous works, but Delahunty once again gives her students great material to work with. The cast in turn don’t hold back, putting this student production on par with some of the supposedly professional productions of the Fringe.
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