Meanwhile Gallery, 2/99 Wllis Street, Wellington

29/02/2024 - 03/03/2024

NZ Fringe Festival 2024

Production Details

Laura Gaudin - Writer, Composer, Performer
Izzi Lao - Writer, Lighting Designer, Operator
Angela Pelham - Producer

*opens chippie packet*

CRUNCH is a 20 minute solo physical theatre performance, exploring where the crunchy parts of life ought to go. With a captivating lo-fi soundtrack and lighting design, and a chippie packet at its heart, CRUNCH will serve as a fun entrée to anyone’s evening.

Level 2, 99 Willis Street, Te Aro
(Wheelchair access is available)

Thursday 29 February, 6.30pm
Friday 1 March, 6.30pm
Saturday 2 March, 4.00pm and 6.30pm
Sunday 3 March, 4.00pm and 6.30pm

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$8, purchased via
(some tickets may be available at the door)

Physical , Solo , Theatre , Dance ,

20 minutes

Crunch is alive.

Review by CHLOE JAQUES 01st Mar 2024

Crunch, crunched, crunching. Or perhaps a crucial point or situation, typically one at which a decision with important consequences must be made.
An array of multisized, oddly placed, blue boxes scatter the corner of Meanwhile Gallery. Two single light bulb fixtures hang from the ceiling. It’s a cartoon-esque space.
Our depth of perspective shifts as the playing of shadows and morphing of light begins. A heartwarming keyboard tones our ears. A single hand investigates the Crunch and glittery graphics delight.
A blue figure appears and gets tempted by blue boxes. There’s a nervous, playful energy that doesn’t take away from the already very dominant objects existing in the space.
It’s crunch time.
Crunch falls from the ceiling, confirming an audience’s giggle. A warm light softens the space and there’s a sense of longing for play and discovery of the new. The powerful emphasis on objects contrast the performer’s childlike energy, commissioning depth with ease. I appreciate the objects continuing to hold major whilst the performer simply compliments.
A strong heartbeat pulses the space and Crunch is alive.
Creators Laura Guadin and Izzi Lao are precise in their creation. The offering of chippy packets nearing the exit is genius in its most subtle form.
opens chippie packet


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