Rotorua Little Theatre, 8 Amohau Street, Rotorua

11/04/2019 - 12/04/2019

Rotorua Fringe Festival 2019

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Immortal sex symbol Deacon, made famous by the very factual documentary What We Do in the Shadows, makes a rare public appearance as part of the Rotorua Fringe Festival 2019.

Put on your leather pants and your fanciest fishnet singlet, for an unforgettable hour with a vampire.

Please no flash photography or garlic.

Rotorua Little Theatre, 2-8 Amohau Street
Thurs 11 & Fri 12 April 2019

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Be warned: he is very, very hypnotically sexy

Review by Fiona Collins 12th Apr 2019

As we settle into our seats in the charming Little Theatre in Rotorua, there is a friendly and relaxed air of anticipation and excitement.  Everyone is there on a cold windy evening to enjoy a good piece of comedic theatre.

We are not disappointed as Deacon sexily slinks his way to center stage where he performs his signature motifs in seductive dance as the introduction to his hour long ‘tête-à-tête’ with the audience.  He has graced us with his presence as part of the fabulous first ever Rotorua Fringe Festival, and immediately we are in stitches and laughter fills the theatre.

Deacon shares snippets of his life with finely blustering storytelling, and a masterly command of the audience. With each wee tale shared, different characters – friends and family members – emerge ever so slightly and although the comedy is rife, there are such poignant moments during the show that the audience is either silently empathetic or raucously laughing at the sad outrageousness of Deacon’s predicament in these situations.  Although he was born in the 1800s, his use of modern language and technical referencing is very clever and timely.  Ah, comedic timing!

Jonny Brugh is just brilliant – but then we all know that! The ease and comfort with which he slays the stage belies the levels of skill and craft needed to perform as he does.

He plays with the audience and makes us each feel like we are the only person in the theatre, and we feel special.  His experience and professionalism is also evident in his ability to manage technical hiccups and mishaps with such aplomb that we are not sure whether or not something is actually going wrong or if it is just staged that way.

Brugh is easily one of New Zealand’s finest comedic performers and deserves to be heralded as such.

If you are in Rotorua it is a must to go see his final show tonight! Jonny Brugh is at his absolute finest and funniest – do not miss out.

Deacon is now my all-time favorite live theatre comedy show, but be warned: he is very, very hypnotically sexy, and he might gate crash your wedding reception and assuage his appetite for virgins! 


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