BATS Theatre (Out-Of-Site) Cnr Cuba & Dixon, Wellington

18/02/2014 - 20/02/2014

NZ Fringe Festival 2014

Production Details

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls is sink or swim comedy. 

Humbly presenting for you an extensive selection of fresh sketch comedy, raunchy stand up and a friendly young man without his clothes on for about 10 minutes.   

BATS Theatre, Cnr Cuba & Dixon Sts, Wellington CBD
9.30pm, 18-20 Feb  (60mins)
BOOKINGS: www.bats.co.nz / TICKETS: $16/14/12 

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Lost potential

Review by Deborah Eve Rea 19th Feb 2014

Following in the footsteps of Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, Mitchell and Web, Carol Burnett, Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie come Them Damn Jesters. 

Draw Me like One of Your French Girls is the company’s first sketch comedy show. It leans more towards absurdism with elements of frat boy “ ‘Girls’ – am I right, guys?” humour.

The company works with widely-known lazzi, which is common in sketch comedy, however they make little attempt to make the jokes their own, leaving the humour and punch lines predictable. 

The sketches lack the rhythm, builds and scene-buttons required for their successful delivery. This is further inhibited by long, clunky scene-changes which could do with music to maintain the momentum of the show. 

All of the characters require much deeper research and physical commitment in order for us to find their situations amusing. The humour is further lost due to poor vocal ability which leaves punch lines and key scene information muffled. 

While there was supportive laughter from their opening night crowd, only two of their sketches drew applause. Although their sketches need shape, each cast member did have moments where they shone, which are worth investigating. 

I’m informed that the sketches are written and directed by Ben Richards who is also performing. The company could benefit from an experienced mentor to act as a disciplined outside eye.

Draw Me like One of Your French Girls is the opposite to the “fresh” and “raunchy” sketch comedy it’s marketing material promises but it could be amusing to a younger audience of 16-22 year olds.


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