Eamonn Marra DIGNITY

Te Auaha, Tapere Iti, 65 Dixon St, Wellington

15/05/2018 - 19/05/2018

NZ International Comedy Festival 2018

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Dignity, a new fragrance by Eamonn Marra that smells like you actually showered today.

I used to be very depressed and completely dysfunctional. I was unemployed. I wasn’t sleeping. Now I am not depressed anymore. I have four jobs. I sleep eight hours a night. If anything, I’m too functional. This is annoying because I have five years of depression jokes that I can’t use anymore. This show is about what happens next. 

“One of New Zealand’s most exciting comedians.”- Lumière Reader

As seen on THREE’s AotearoHA: Rising Stars.  

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Twitter – @eamonnmarra

Te Auaha – Tapere Iti (Little Theatre)
TUE 15 May – SAT 19 May 2018
Tuesday – Thursday Full Price: $18
Tuesday – Thursday Concession: $15
Friday & Saturday Full Price: $20
Friday & Saturday Concession: $16
Group 6+: $14
*service fee may apply

Wheelchair accessible; Occasional bad language 

Theatre , Solo , Comedy ,

1 hr


Review by Margaret Austin 16th May 2018

Eamonn Marra wants to be dignified. His varyingly successful attempts to achieve that form the theme of this show, opening at Te Auaha’s Tapere Iti.

He begins his performance with a ploy advised by his teenage friends. This kind of deference to others and what they think characterises the show, and Marra works it to good effect. 

The promised topic of depression is barely present, but nobody’s worried. He’s got four jobs now, and we get to hear about them. We also get to hear about our performer’s eating habits and how to obtain the cheapest sushi of the day. Teaching comedy in schools as well as doing it has its hazards … 

Marra’s monologue is a bit of a meander and references to the Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ a bit dated. But his likeability goes down well with the audience.

Oh, and look out for his skateboard pratfall that’s ended up on Facebook. 


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